Magill, Munson and Me

Dan Magill is a legend to me. At the ripe old age of 90, he has done more for UGA Comm than anyone ever, with the probable exception of a guy named Larry Munson. Love Larry! Munson’s gavel-voiced gloom and doom and sugary glory radio broadcasts shall live in our hearts forever. Among his innumerable UGA-related accomplishments, Dan Magill is considered by many the University of Georgia Bulldogs Poet Laureate. I’m here-and-now officially throwing my hat in the ring for that post, upon him vacating it. I’m a writer (author-journalist-poet-blogger-editor) and UGA grad and the Harriette Austin Poetry Award winner for 2008. I have compiled many DAWGSpoems over the six solid years that I’ve been writing poetry. One of them, “Cocktail Party,” was part of the package that claimed me the HAWC prize mentioned above, at that fated writers’ conference held annually for the past 20 years in Athens, GA during the long, quiet, hot summer. Football ain’t quiet – and neither shall I be…I am the Aspiring UGA Bulldogs Poet Laureate from this moment forward.