Can Murray Transcend?

The suddenly-rosy-on-the-Dawgs AJC mentioned that Aaron Murray had a pass efficiency rating of 154.48 last season: second best all-time in UGA history for quarterbacks. Not freshmen quarterbacks – he was the greatest UGA statistical frosh ever – all quarterbacks. And Murray was number two all-time in the entire SEC in total offense for a freshman. That is statistically undeniably good when I contemplate the power of the conference. Yet, he had a losing record, the first of the head coach Mark Richt era. Not a fan amongst the DAWGnation is excited about going 6-7. Somehow even more troubling than the utterly unacceptable number of losses is the fact that UGA had no quality wins. This kid has beaten no one. He was even significantly outplayed by Zach Mettenberger in a loss in the G-Day Game, just prior to the start of his reign. A single win against a Florida school and I could feel so much better about where we stand. What I remember most vividly about last season is Murray not showing up prepared for a bowl game against UCF and him choking in overtime at the Cocktail Party after an almost great comeback, necessitated by one of the coldest first quarters in football history. I like Murray as a hard-nosed and talented player, but I can’t wholly accept him as a successful leader until he wins big games. If the Dawgs start 0-2 in games in which Vegas predicts us losing, he will be 6-9 throughout his career as a starter. He must win both games to crack the .500 mark by game three.