Secondary Primary Improvement

Brandon Boykin is perhaps the single best football player currently enrolled at the University of Georgia. In addition to being the school’s greatest return man of all-time, he is one of the top cover corners in the nation and a solid tackler. What the smaller framed, less heavy Branden Smith has lacked in size, he has been able only lately in practice to finally offset in honed instincts and raw speed. Because of a lack of success from Smith last season, Sanders Commings was forced to start at cornerback for much of the year – he is 6′, 2″ and weighs 217, ideal size for a safety and now he can play both and is practicing at both. Bacarri Rambo draws first blood at safety and could use Commings versatile support there. When facing big receivers like Carolina’s Alshon Jeffery, I’d like to see Commings in one-on-one lockdown corner mode. The stellar early play of Dream Team pup Damian Swann from Atlanta has all but ensured him of the nickel back position. Though safeties Jakar Hamilton, Marc Deas and Shawn Williams have yet to shine, Dream Teamer Corey Moore won’t wait in the wings for long. Our arching problem last year on D was stopping teams on 3rd down. Secondary talent/depth and a greater grasp of 3-4 coverage assignments in year 2 of Grantham’s scheme should result in a vastly improved secondary. It’s all about using the talented pieces well.