Family History and Conference Realignment

Gig’ ’em, Aggies. Not for me. I’m Mr. Sic’ ’em, Dawgs. I am a proud graduate of the nation’s oldest state-chartered public university. I’ve lived in Georgia, on-and-off-mostly-on since 1976, and I love the University of Georgia and rightly consider myself an Atlantan. But when you are a native Texan, from a lineage of native Texans, that once country/huge state resonates strongly through your maverick bloodlines. I will always be a Texan and huge Dallas Cowboys fan like I was in the crib in Ft. Worth, after being born in Austin. I also enjoy seeing the Longhorns win and follow their cool tradition and loved seeing Ricky Williams and Major Applewhite play there live, before getting in the car and roaming to the Big Taco: San Antonio. My mom and dad were private school college kids who met at TCU in Ft. Worth; I love the purple-clad Horned Frogs as a result. Great undefeated season last year for them culminating with a Rose Bowl win. Dad smiled from heaven. TCU gave me something successful to cheer for, with my DAWGS struggling and ending the year under .500 – we will be back…soon. My grandfather died in a boating accident well before I was born. Before that, he was one of the rare officers to serve in both WWI and WWII. Before that, he went to Texas A & M. I hope they do join the SEC so we as a conference can enter the Texas market, where they have tons of talent and the best current American economy. And so I can see Georgia beat them. Woof!