Linebackers Can Fly

Three weeks from today I will wake up full of exhilarating pride or confounding depression, all based on the heroics or lack thereof displayed by young men in the GA Dome. September 3rd looms in our minds. Boise has a great returning quarterback, a highly-regarded D line. One clear advantage UGA has is our seemingly vastly-improved linebacking core full of athletes versus their returning offensive players. It was crucial that once USC Trojan Jarvis Jones cleared eligibility hurdles, because from the outside he can scoot from sideline to sideline like no one on the Boise roster. Our undeniable leader on D is the exemplary Christian Robinson, calling sets from the middle. Alec Ogletree moved forward from safety to produce more speed, and Richt and Garner have raved about his tenacity inside. Outside, Dream Team leader Ray Drew may immediately replace the shark week pass rushing prowess of stud Justin Houston. Pass rushing is less of a learned skill that takes time to develop and more of an if you can do it do it, compared to other defensive skills that require knowledge. Drew’s most noteworthy skill is he can get after quarterbacks. Cornelius Washington provides solid experienced depth and I project him to be the fifth backer in, when the 3-4 needs subs. Drew not included, Dream Team talent primarily waits in the wings – where they may somewhat stay for the most part with the aforementioned 5 players having multi-year eligibility. Tenacity, Awareness, Speed. JUNKYARD!