Last Time Boise Went Down to Georgia

The Dawgs had been on a darn good 4-year run under the inspired leadership of the Davids, Greene and Pollack. They and head coach Mark Richt had taken an above average program under Jim Donnan and cracked into the top 10, peaking in year 2 of the regime at #3 in the nation. Year 4 had finally netted a win against the hated mighty Gators, but the tally for SEC rings during the run was held steady at just 1. Everyone thought Georgia would regress somewhat after losing the winningest all-time college football quarterback to graduation. Shockley had played sparingly over the 4 years he had been on campus, occasionally playing very well and even saving the day once against Clemson. Rather memorably he had cost UGA a game once against Florida by forcing the ball, making an error of judgement. He had all the physical skills, it was said in what smacked of nearly racist tones. And it was true that he had skills, but those included leadership and smarts. He was All-SEC the lone season he started, and won the exact same number of SEC rings as a starter as Greene. SEC Champ UGA had 3 losses that year: when Shockley was hurt and did not play vs. Florida; a shootout vs. Auburn in which he played great; a heroic near bowl comeback vs. W. VA in which our defense came out utterly unprepared. Against the upstart Boise State Broncos to start 2005, Shockley converted 6 total touchdowns and UGA won in a big time home blowout.