Unprepared Dawgs Get the Business from Broncos

When Aaron Murray grows up he wants to be Kellen Moore: A proven winner with nerves of steel who consistently completes passes with a deft touch and has incredible decision making. I knew this could happen. Georgia had too much tied up in this opening game and came out flat on offense and got beat and now the team quickly went from SEC title dark horse pick to a group of self doubters with a losing identity. They remembered 6-7; they remembered losing to UCF; they remembered choking in Jacksonville. The Dawgs offense has no leaders. Murray still holds the ball too long and has happy feet. Nice arm but he is 6-8 as a quarterback with zero quality wins. Our offensive line was solidly whipped by the top returning defensive line in the nation. Richard Samuel is exactly the non-dynamic runner he was two years ago when he was benched. Crowell is a child playing in a man’s league. Our receivers, especially King, played like B-League bums. Our best offensive weapons were a cornerback who played one play and a freshman wideout who should have started but didn’t play until way too late. We have good tight ends, but when has that won any team many games? Did the defense really play that poorly? I’m going to say no in the grand scheme of things. They were eventually worn down because our offense could not move the ball at all. Boise was actually held below their scoring average, and they were expected to score touchdowns. Two in the first half was acceptable considering the fact that our offense mounted no drives. Three in the second half was after Moore solved us. He realized that he could get short completions at will by making accurate throws. His specialty. Murray’s: losing close games. This game was not in reality as close as any of our seven losses last season, although as in several of those games we did finally come alive on offense…after it was way too late. Our defense was out of gas by then, and Moore was on his way to 39-2. Carolina is next. Will we fold up or play?