How to Win NOW:

With unemployment a very real possibility, these three coaches better wake up and shake up NOW.

Here’s how:

1. Branden Smith can’t wear number one. Or Crowell can’t. We need Smith to play offense. And we need Boykin to play offense. Get the Powerade ready, because the best skill players on the field need to get the ball in their hands very regularly.

2. Orson Charles and Aron White and maybe even Jay Rome need to be on the field. Our starting wideouts have both refused to produce, so our all-world tight end core must.

3. Move the versatile Cornelius Washington back inside where Ogletree is hurt and start Ray Drew outside. Drew can play now and was recruited to save Richt’s job.

4. Samuel can’t run so let him block and give all the carries to Crowell. All of them. No Samuel not breaking tackles. And please no midget Thomas getting engulfed. Throw them the rock some and let Crowell run 25 times.

5. Malcolm Mitchell is the best wideout in Athens. Put Rantavious Wooten in. Don’t fail to realize the failure of Brown and King to perform when the lights were on in Atlanta. They can come off the bench as needed. I’d rather see most of their touches go to these two, the tight ends, and our two-way stud skilled cornerbacks.