Broad Scheduling a Mixed Bag

Facing Colorado, Joe Cox came off the bench to replace a struggling young Matthew Stafford and save the day in Athens. On our return visit a couple of years later, Caleb King attempted a spin move and fumbled when all we needed was a short field goal from the best kicker in the country. We beat Clemson twice but that is old hat. An upstart yet quality Boise State team came to Athens and got the business from Shockley and the future SEC Champs. Six years later Boise State proved a superior product when we agreed to play them in the GA Dome. We were there to see Georgia kick the Oklahoma State Pokes in Athens. Later, an away game at Okie State proved too much for us. We picked apart Arizona State in the desert, and then the next year needed an A.J. Green kick block to eke out a win ‘Tween the Hedges. We cancelled the Oregon series, which saddened me because I was within a hair of going to Oregon for grad school and have some family in the region. But I have to wonder how we would have held up in the Pacific Northwest. In these non-regional, modern regular season quality of opponent big games, we are only one game over .500…but if losing to Boise somehow allowed our coaches to figure out how to prepare us to go beat five-loss defending SEC East Champ South Carolina on Saturday at 4:30 I’m all in. Boise State wins their biggest games, and some of the teams they have schooled in the regular season recently: Oregon (twice), VA Tech, have gone on to have relatively big years and win their conferences. They don’t compete in the SEC, you may say. In all honesty when we look in the mirror, lately neither have we. Our goal this season is to win the SEC East. Do that and we can play for the SEC back in the Dome and have a somewhat realistic shot at the BCS.