Keys to a Georgia Victory Saturday

In a previous column, I gave you some strong suggestions for UGA turning around the troubling downtrend. Here I want to look more specifically at UGA as compared to the University of South Carolina Gamecocks. I previously explained to you why Carolina is favored: proven individual talent. I want to show here how GEORGIA could in one game quickly rise again.

Carolina will never be confused as a program for the sky blue and argyle wearing old basketball school Dean Smith coached. At five losses, South Carolina was the worst SEC East Champ in SEC history, and that was their lone league “title” in school history. In two consecutive losses in the ATL to end last season, Carolina scored 17 twice, while yielding 56 and 26. Arkansas beat them by 21, at Carolina. Kentucky beat them. They are no world beaters; they are instead a program hoping to win while expecting to lose often.

Murray has zero career big wins dating back to a loss in the G-Day Game to Mettenberger. Can he win a big one? When compared with the flaky Stephen Garcia, I think he can. Garcia came off the bench to run the ball well and save S. Carolina against East Carolina in Charlotte. While East Carolina is still not a state, they did score 37 on South Carolina and allowed little passing.

A typical Georgia-Carolina Border Bash is a low scoring defensive punt contest, won late, usually by Georgia. The Dawgs must score and score often in this game. I gave some suggestions of whom is ready to play and produce in a previous column. We probably don’t have the mental strength yet to pull out a last second season saver, so let’s not be in that position again. When was the last time we had a successful trick play or surprised by going against our predictable play calling trends? We tried the conservative stuff last season, and it did not work out. UGA was within a touchdown in the 4th quarter in all seven losses last season. Seven losses. Make or break game for Coach Bobo. Make it happen.

The versatile and physically big Commings should guard the huge Alshon Jeffery the entire game – he eats up the zone and destroys small DBs. The coaches have said all along that Commings will play safety or cornerback based on opposition, obviously eluding to his needed size versus Jeffery and other big wideouts. This allows speed merchants Brandon Boykin and Branden Smith to offset the speed of tiny Ace Sanders and blanket the unproven D.L. Moore. Play man and let the revenge motivated Rambo and company draw first blood on Marcus Lattimore. He broke 42 failed tackle attempts last season at Carolina. We must gang tackle with utter ferocity, wrap up and run him into the ground hard. Make or break game for Coach Grantham. Break them.