Richt’s Big Number Twos

Georgia has mostly played like crap since the NFL talented two of Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno left UGA without adding any SEC rings to the two that Mark Richt has. Moreno was idiotically redshirted and then played only two seasons, with UGA finishing as high as a national #2, on a very strong team that still lost two SEC East games by mid-season. UGA opened the second year of the Moreno campaign at #1, but the second game was a big home loss to Bama. We’d lose two more before the season closed, and our run of program success under Richt abruptly ended.

The player leading the SEC this season in total net yardage? Number 2, Brandon Boykin – with only three offensive touches and a ton of return yardage. He needs the ball much more. And our other sometime two-way cornerback named Branden/Brandon, Smith, needs a second number so we can get him the rock too. We currently have two number 1s: Smith and Crowell. The dynamic Crowell, Jones and Mitchell may need to make it to year two on the field before they are mature enough to carry this talented young team.

Charles looked like he would totally dominate this season, but when Carolina rolled coverage to him in game two he failed to get open and had no completions, while Murray yielded a touchdown to the Gamecocks by locking in on him and forcing a bad pass that was picked. One of the two huge Murray turnovers that cost us the game. Was Murray really still trying to throw the ball away while Clowney clowned him? Two touchdowns.

Murray did beat Tech and Tennessee in Athens, but he needs more than two rivalry wins to be our leader. He is coming off two straight instate losses and has lost to South Carolina in two consecutive seasons – which hadn’t happened at Georgia in ten good years. A second troubling trend: UGA 0-2 for first time in fifteen years.

Bobo-Grantham-Richt can’t survive two losing seasons in a row. Bobo is Richt’s second offensive coordinator; head coach / play caller was the job Richt was hired to do, but that was two athletic directors ago. Grantham was hired after two defensive coordinators left town – he will certainly be Richt’s last d.c. in the Classic City.

Richt has only beaten Florida twice, can’t lose a second time to a Georgia Tech program that hates us and has been blown out in his past two trips to Rocky Top. And if we lose twice consecutively to Auburn in the Deep South’s Oldest Football Rivalry, that may be the coaching staff’s damnation. Could Kentucky win two times in a row Between the Hedges?

I’m having second thoughts…