Swamp People: 10 Scary Gators

These ten Gators have more in common with the beasts on the TV show Swamp People than being killed by Cajuns. They pose a real threat to Georgia losing to our biggest rival for the 19th time in 22 annual meetings. For this season to be any type of a success for either program, this game is a must-win. Florida, coming off three straight losses and a bye week just like last year, when we they beat us in overtime. Georgia, rebounding from a rough start and desperate to finally begin to win in J-Ville just like last year. With top wideout Malcolm Mitchell doubtful for this game, top runner Isaiah Crowell a true freshman and Floridian quarterback Murray winless against true quality opponents throughout his career, it is remarkable that UGA is a Vegas favorite in this game.

TEBOW: Start with one of my favorite bits of trivia: Who won more SEC Championships as a starting QB? D.J. Shockley or Tebow. A: They both won only one. However, Tebow was 2-1 versus UGA in the Cocktail Party as a starter to D.J.’s 0-0 (injury, JTIII got the start that year). Tebow also contributed to a Gators win with a few big runs his freshman year, while Shockley contributed to our only loss the year we finished 13-1 by throwing a first half closing pick-6 playing in rotation with stellar starter David Greene. But I mention Tebow because he rebounded from our Dawg-dance win to beat Stafford/Moreno by 39 points the following season. Georgia fans obviously planned to begin winning after he left UF. Hasn’t happened: we are 0-2 since.

1. John Brantley: Senior quarterback has not lost this season in a football game he finished and is 1-0 lifetime as a starter versus Georgia. Though Florida would still have three losses had he played all year, they are clearly better with him in there.

2. Will Muschamp: Motivated head coach goes after his alma mater and is a quality tactician.

3. Charlie Weiss: Proven offensive guru had an extra week to prepare and last year’s Grantham decimation to evaluate.

4. Chris Rainey: Senior running back came back from suspension last year to totally dominate UGA.

5. Jeff Demps: Senior running back is the fastest athlete in any sport in NCAA.

6. Trey Burton: Freakishly gifted sophomore fullback gets ball a myriad of ways.

7. Jordan Reed: Sophomore tight end’s speed creates mismatches in space.

8. Andre Debose: Sophomore kick returner and sometime wideout is dynamite with ball in his hands.

9. Ronald Powell: Sophomore defensive end/linebacker is virtually un-blockable.

10. Sharrif Floyd: Sophomore defensive tackle was top national big D-line recruit in nation in 2010.