Georgia to Compete for Three Straight SEC Titles

Beat Kentucky on Saturday and UGA will be the first team in the SEC to clinch a division. If the morose offenses at LSU and Bama don’t scare their fans, they are as utterly delusional as usual. Bama is a hype machine that had one great year and has failed to win their division since. Bad defense at Arkansas will doom the Hogs. That leaves only one complete football team to vie for the conference title. Sure, LSU can win out and be heavily favored to defeat UGA as they have Bama, West Virginia and Oregon, but let’s have a closer look at those big wins. Bama could not score much that game and has not been able to score much in the first half of the vast majority of football games they have played this season. Their offensive ineptitude dictates that they wait for other teams to make mistakes and give them the game. LSU did not. West Virginia has lost to Syracuse and Louisville this season; enough said. Name the last time Oregon won a big game out of conference. In recent seasons, they have lost to LSU, Auburn, Boise State (twice) and have not beaten a single quality opponent not in the PAC 10/PAC 12 – not one. LSU went 11-2 last year and is undefeated this season and deserves to be number one – at least until Arkansas and/or Georgia simply outscores them. They have an average at best offense and do not get quality quarterback play consistently.

Georgia will have nothing to lose in the GA Dome and nothing to fear but fear itself. If we play our game and protect the football, we have a great chance to be league champions. Aaron Murray has already set the single season UGA mark for TD passes. Crowell is as talented as any runner in football. Our young receiving core is making big plays and has so much versatility. Our blocking has been stellar. And our D is 4th in the nation, while we lead the SEC in sacks and the NCAA in limiting teams big plays.

The vast majority of talent at UGA is underclass. Murray is still just a sophomore, Crowell a true freshman; three of our best four wideouts are freshmen. Basically our whole defense returns next season, and Grantham has a year remaining on his contract and may get an extension. Tennessee and Florida are in the gutter. South Carolina has had one ten-win season in school history and only won the East last season because others slipped.

Since D.J. Shockley led Georgia to an SEC crown, no SEC Champion has come short of winning it all. That may change this season if UGA plays to potential in Atlanta. Next season, UGA will compete for it all. Year after, the same. Since UT won the league in ’97-’98, no SEC program has repeated as champion. Georgia can change that this and next season. Or should we slip this season, over the next two seasons. UGA is the last program to repeat as outright SEC East Champions (’02-’03) and appears loaded enough to make an even more impacting run this time around.

Tebow as a starting QB at Florida won only one SEC Title; Nick Saban while at BAMA has won only one SEC Title. Cam was a one-year wonder at Auburn. LSU is good sometimes but never consistently dominates. Not since Florida’s run of four in a row through 1996 has a single program dominated the league. Georgia has the young talent to compete for three straight SEC Titles.