How Mizzou Fits in SEC

Texas A&M has an ongoing border rivalry with Arkansas that dates back to the Southwest Conference which has been played annually of late in the NFL Cowboys Stadium just outside Dallas. LSU and Texas A&M faced off in a bowl two seasons back and appear to be a natural border rivalry in the waiting. Texas, the state, is as far west as this conference should ever aspire to grow, so the Aggies obviously had to go to the SEC West. And they were asked into the league first.

Each division now has an even seven members; The flagship university of the Show Me State joined the SEC East. Though Arkansas and Missouri are natural border rivals that must be scheduled to play regularly, Mizzou is a better divisional fit than would initially appear. Shaped similarly to Georgia and of similar relatively large size, Missouri borders the most states of any in this great nation (eight). Though the St. Louis Arch has long been known as the Gateway to the West, a portion of Missouri is somewhat proximate to every large region of the continental U.S.A other than the Pacific Northwest. In fact, Missouri-Tennessee, Mizzou-Vandy and Mizzou-Kentucky are border match-ups.

Should the conference expand further in the future, a natural progression would be farther up the heavily-populated East Coast. If that happens, Missouri could shift to the SEC West. Until then, we welcome them to our division. Mizzou should note, Georgia won the SEC East and is favored to repeat.