Busts, Bowls and Belles

Highly-ranked BCS teams that lost: Then #2 Florida, #7 Oregon State, #8 Oklahoma, #9 USC, #11 Mississippi State. Other undefeated teams that lost are the state flagship universities of New Jersey and Ohio: Rutgers and Ohio University. Subtract the undefeated ineligible team, Ohio State, and that leaves only five legitimate undefeated teams: 1. BAMA (playing at LSU on the bayou Saturday night in their first and only real road test); 2. K-State (hosting Okie State); 3. Notre Dame (bad call versus Stanford not forgotten and schedule softens); 4. Oregon (plays at USC); and 10th in BCS, of the weak Big East, Louisville.

Considering one team must lose BAMA-LSU, UGA at #6 in the BCS would be a single loss from any of the other three in the top five from being in national championship playoff position, if there were a playoff. Of course, UGA would still have to win out to stay there, including an SEC championship game in Atlanta. And of course, there is no playoff this year. It would be classic UGA to finish third this year and then fifth once there is a playoff…then ninth if the NCAA eventually extends the playoff to eight teams.

Right now, we are glowing in the Jacksonville sun with Gator jerky on our first-in-the-East, back-to-back-Cocktail-Party-champs teeth. WOOF! It’s time to peek at the projected SEC Bowl pecking order, with one win away from bowl eligibility Ole Miss coming to the Classic City for Homecoming. (CBS, 3:30 ~ Who doth dare to tailgate with me this Saturday?!?! Basically a savage BHB burn. My new home game goal: no fights and no bourbon blackouts.)

1. BAMA – Untested defending SEC West runner-up leads NCAA in D. Plays in Death Valley…at night.

2. UGA – Assuming LSU can’t get it done, we either already are or will be number two.

3. Florida – They did beat LSU; each has only one loss. Give Gators their due.

4. LSU – Can bounce to one with a big home win. If they do, we should get Honey Badger-less rematch.

5. Miss State – One loss to number one team in NCAA.

6. South Carolina – Great home team has two losses and lost best offensive player.

7. Texas A&M – Best conference realigned team in football.

8. Ole Miss – Would be bowl eligible with a win Between the Hedges. They’ll get another big win…eventually.

In contention: Vandy, Mizzou, Arkansas, Tennessee / Out: Auburn, Kentucky

Now Accepting Applications ~ Jobs Soon Available in the South: Auburn, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and the North Avenue Trade School in the ATL. Each a good job, except Kentucky.

Welcome the friendly Ole Miss Rebels and their beautiful Southern Belles to the Classic City, y’all. They may not win the game, but they have never lost a party. I miss playing Ole Miss every year. They are on a two-game winning streak, are 5-3 and just won a close game at resurgent and top-ten-talented Arkansas.