Change in My Annual Rivals Ranking

Welcome to Big Hairy Blawg 2013. I’m taking the site commercial this next football season and want to thank you for reading. Founded in 2008, BHB was the 2nd Fastest-Growing Blog on WordPress in 2010 and is oh so ready for a huge 2013 for GEORGIA. Go Dawgs!

Change in Our Big Four Rivals Ranking:

Auburn in the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry; Florida at the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party; our state rival in Clean Old-Fashioned Hate…and when those puke-ugly orange checkerboards began to appear on your TV screens more regularly, Tennessee. A geographic border but non-traditional rival, the Vols did not play the Dawgs as regularly as a real rival should until the SEC let South Carolina and Arkansas into the great conference. Divisional rivalry, suddenly, and a strong UT program – very strong – saw Fulmer lead Tennessee to a total 9 straight wins over our beloved Dawgs, over an 11-year period. Donnan broke through then went in the tank when Quincy was done midseason. Coach D got canned and then went into the pyramid business after brief unremarkable commentator work. Richt’s 1st big win period was the next year’s Hobnail Boot (RIP, Munson) in the aforementioned checkerboard. UGA had a big advantage suddenly, then resilient UT swung it back with some big wins. Lately, GEORGIA has won 3 straight and Tennessee is a non-factor nationally.

Since a year before Murray first said, “Please don’t Clown me” to Jadeveon, maybe a hundred feet from my face of utter disbelief, our QB ragdolled and flittering the ball away, Carolina has owned Georgia. It was 45-42 that year, but the year before we’d been on the road and ineffective, suspended-AJ-less and led by a frosh QB, and we lost in Columbia. This year, the team many consider to be the actual 2nd-best in the nation at season’s end, the team that pushed Bama to less than 5 yards of a dethroning and dynasty diverted situation, was soundly beaten at South Carolina 35-7.

So, Carolina has passed Tennessee officially as a big four rival:

Ranking Our Rivals:

1. Florida – #1 for the level of competition they pose. Georgia with 9 more total wins in series history. 18-of-22 seems so far away, as Dawgs go for 3 straight under former Floridian QBs Murray and Richt in Jacksonville.

2. Auburn – 6-of-7 for the Dawgs. Beating UGA has become like going undefeated: rare, unobtainable currently. This series is even between the 2 programs.

3. Georgia Tech – 11-of-12 for Dawgs in the Peach State. Advantage, UGA.

Our 3 biggest rivals have recently been bested (and so has our old 4th, now 5th).

4. South Carolina – The Cocks had won only 1-of-8 before winning 3 straight. Carolina has 17 wins ever versus UGA, with Dawgs winning 46 times. Even 30-game lead is an important goal for 2013 UGA fanbase, with the game set for 9/7 Between the Hedges. Carolina has beaten us while winning 11 games in consecutive seasons, while we have won the SEC East over them both of those campaigns. Let’s face it, we must perform better against them. Because GEORGIA-CAROLINA is a hot national rivalry right now.

5. Tennessee – “Go to Hell, Peyton.”

6. Clemson – Look who’s back on the schedule, y’all, our nearest geographic rival. Dawgs have won 70% of meetings and 5 straight, including 30-0 in our last contest, played near Howard’s Rock at Death Valley. They won 11 games in the 2012 season and bested LSU in what I’d love to still call the Peach Bowl. The Buy-Me-A-Sandwich-Bowl played in the ATL. Any game featuring an SEC team playing in Atlanta matters.

7. LSU – Back on the schedule in 2013. Dawgs have won 6-of-10 but only 1-of-3 SEC championship games versus Bayou Bengals. Big games create rivalry.

8. BAMA – That was a BIG game. Dawgs were right there in 2012. I’m glad we played them and know how we stack up against them, on a positive note. On a negative note, UGA should have won that football game, and we didn’t. UGA had won 3-of-4 over Alabama coming into the SEC championship game, where Richt is now 2-3.

9. Vandy – Kudos to little Vanderbilt for winning 9 games and moving up to 9 on this annual list. I can’t wait to visit Nashville again this year.

10. Ole Miss – We used to play them every year and just finished a home-home 2-year series, with the Rebs looking to be one of the more resurgent SEC teams in 2013, coming off a bowl win and strong finish to an up-and-down 1st campaign under a new head coach. Suddenly, they are a recruiting rival in the Deep South.

But, you know what, DAWGS, our biggest rival at Georgia is and has always been ourselves. Think on it.