4 Weeks From

Four weeks from today y’all will still be able to taste it. Sure, I could mean the over-consumed booze repeating as two remarkably near geographic and historic rivals collided the previous night around an epic tailgate. I could mean the heartburn.

But, what I mean here is the essence of college football. The fans’ passion.

The exultant joy of victory in a big game. The bitter sting of defeat. You can taste it.

And that taste stays with some fans for years, forever…but never more so than the morning and early day after. Think of those long dreadful rides back from Jacksonville after a close loss. Feel the rush of out with your friends for a night in Athens, rolling along the Atlanta highway home the next day, after having bested the hated Vols.

Recall how it felt when Clowney rag-dolled Aaron Murray just a few yards from you, after the team had mostly played well. It felt much worse the next morning; the Dawg-Nation woke up 0-2.

Win or lose a big rivalry game, and it will certainly cause sensation. Georgia is slightly higher-ranked than Clemson and has a little more returning talent, and the game is on the road at night in Death Valley in South Carolina. It could go either way. And you will taste it.