Lost Seasons Across SEC East

Want to find a contender in the SEC East? You have to leave the East and the South this year. GEORGIA was 12-2 last year after gaining 7.09 yards per offensive play. The offense was coming back for another run. The Gators were a BCS bowl team and had a dominant D returning. South Carolina had the best player in the country according to the NFL draftniks and was coming off two straight eleven win years.

Didn’t happen for the big teams, did it. The pride of the SEC East is the Missouri Tigers, a bad team last year after the decimation of injuries set in – sounds familiar.

As I predicted on Sports Joc College Football Pre-View this week: http://www.mixcloud.com/TheSportsJoc/10-18-13-sports-joc-college-football-pre-view/ S. Carolina lost on Rocky Top. Vols were well past due a big one after losing nineteen straight versus ranked teams and Cocky is not consistent. Florida, not BAMA, has the top defense in the SEC this year and had held thirteen straight conference foes to under twenty points. Mizzou blasted them for thirty-six behind 295 yards passing for their backup QB, Maty Mauck. Georgia came in needing Missouri to drop two conference games, but that hardly matters anymore. Unless there is a three-way two loss tie and we get a tiebreaker nod. That’s grasping for long shot straws. It’s probably over for us.

Vandy had a nice season last year, but was 0-17 against ranked teams of late and just 3-3 on the year. They were in a big hole in the third quarter to a depleted Dawgs team, which was leading but showing no offensive punch. Murray set the all-time SEC yardage mark but had barely over a hundred yards passing. Gurley was supposedly not healthy enough to go again, but I think we just held him out to not risk further injury thinking we’d win without him, rest him another week on the bye and then battle the Gators for the SEC title. Didn’t happen. J.J. Green was stuffed. Fellow frosh Brendan Douglas played better but had the key fumble in the game again, right after I yelled “protect the ball” – I had seen a looseness in the way he swings it as he plods down field.

Plodding, we were a plodding team. We threw way too short to consistently get first downs. Bobo was to blame there more than the injuries. If it is 3rd and 7 – do not EVER throw for 5 yards. We did it all damn day. Playing scared will get you beaten. Playing conservatively is nothing but a quitter’s way to lose. It only keeps scores low but does not net wins. We had won ugly in Nashville in the past and were seemingly not happy winning well like we could have; we had to make it too close for comfort late in the game. Then, lady luck spit in our stupid faces because we stoked the fires of fate way too many times.

Bobo has never been able to coach without a dominant running game. Get him a Moreno or Gurley running wild and he is good. Without a major ground attack, he is one of the worst play callers I have ever seen. And I’ve seen a heck of a lot of football over my 43 years. He sucked today.

Grantham has us hitting hard again, but Vandy put up 31. Everybody scores in the 30s on UGA, and most good teams will score much more. Mizzou 41 – loss. LSU 41 – miraculous win. I’m bringing these two games up to point out we are basically a .500 program right now, save that LSU magic. Or that late game heroism at Rocky Top. We went 12-2 in 2012. But we are a sad 5-4 in our last 9 games. That’s nearly a season of average ineptitude. And you think we can win out and make it look okay?

Not without a special teams coach. All year we have struggled on special teams. Nobody gets fired and nobody fixes this mess! And I have to repeat myself every week on my radio show and here. Hear this: if Richt can’t fix it he needs to go. We gave up a special teams TD, of course, again this week. This one a fake field goal hand off where we had nobody there, though we do not ever actively attempt to block field goals or extra points like we did in the Boss Bailey or Kendrick Bell days. We muffed a punt. More Vandy points. We high snapped and had the ball dropped by our punter. The final Vandy points. This is so far beyond unacceptable in major athletics. I’d expect more…out of Kentucky Football. But underperforming in the “other third” like this at UGA is a flat out crime.

I dislike the bad quote spewing soft scheduling worked for the Gators and wants to emulate what they do Athletic Director we made a bad hire taking. Florida plays literally 70 percent of their games in the Sunshine State. It’s pathetic. So, maybe we give him the boot and push Richt upstairs because he is a better administrator of a man and organizational representative than coach right now. He turned it around.

We made two SEC title games and played for a half in one and a whole game in the other. They were losses. Let’s be honest: We have accomplished nothing since 2005.