Season Summary in 2 Plays

True Freshman Trigger Tray Matthews earned the starting safety spot in the preseason but has been hurt most of the year and is finally back from injury. At the hybrid secondary athlete position we call “Star”, Sophomore Josh Harvey-Clemmons starts. Unable to intercept virtually any passes all year as a team defense, these two young Georgia defenders collide while each attempting to intercept a pass that should have been knocked down on 4th-and-73. Dawgs narrowly lose a big game to a highly-ranked team, in a game we fought hard well in late in the 4th quarter.

In a game Georgia will win, Murray goes back to pass and it is tipped and then intercepted as he is not protected from the rush, and he is hurt badly on the play and out for the year.

The situations within these two plays, elements of these two plays cut and pasted into the stretch of the SEC gauntlet this year after opening at Clemson, explain how the season has gone for Georgia (7-4 overall; 5-3 SEC). Georgia is now officially the longest consistently appearing bowl team in the SEC but has lost the SEC’s all-time leader in total offense, passing yardage, completions and passing touchdowns to injury. Murray goes down in history as certifiably one of the SEC’s greatest players and stands with Herschel and Pollack as favorite sons of the program, but he never quite got all the way over the hump, coming a play from the national championship game as a junior and winning two consecutive SEC East crowns but no SEC rings.

Thank you, Aaron Murray! You played great this year and fought hard and had such an awesome career. Damn Good Dawg!!!

It’s the Hutson Mason era now, Dawg-Nation. This should be good for next year, as he gets some real meaningful game experience with the close out of hapless Kentucky just a tuneup for the always big game (Saturday at 3:30) at Georgia Tech and a decent bowl trip expected.