On Douglas, On Chubb

Is it always just a time between a fall at GEORGIA? As Dawgs fans, our lives are not only punctuated by football seasons, they are segmented by heartbreak. Big losses and damaging mistakes and the resiliency to battle back and be pretty good are hallmarks of the Richt era.

I’d love to sell you a rosier reality, but we already dropped a winnable contest at South Carolina and our best player is suspended as we head into a road stretch starting Saturday at noon.

The spotlight is probably too bright for true freshman Nick Chubb to take on on his own. That is why I look for hardnosed running from Brendan Douglas to spare Chubb some of that burden. Chubb is a hammer and he has shown several sparks of greatness, especially against a softened up Clemson squad.

I liked the way Douglas played last year barring a key fumble. If he can protect the rock, I anticipate him getting at least 35% of the carries. Don’t be surprised if Quayvon Hicks gets more touches than usual, too.

Malcolm Mitchell and Mason having a big day would be a welcome breakthrough, but we can only count on the players we have seen well and truly productive.

MIZZOU sees a depleted UGA secondary and physically underwhelming DBs, and their plan will be to get us into a higher scoring game. Our pass rushers better get to Maty Mauk, the all-time leading QB in USA high school history. Gurley can not save us.

Chubb and Douglas can.