Dawgs Grind Hogs

Last week we got all the bounces and breaks, and a team losing its top guy has instant motivation to prove the individuals remaining have some talent. How much Georgia misses Gurley would have been an easy storyline to project, but instead, this is a good team and program. Richt is a terrible frontrunner and great in times of adversity, so that explains the win. One win. Can we find enough weapons to keep winning?

Georgia currently represents a monument of excellence to the folks around the Arkansas program, which has fallen on the hardest of times. Beating a Top 10 team after dropping 15 straight in league would be epic.

But here’s the thing: Georgia quit standing around and watching Gurley play Michael Jordan last week and may have matured. I think our D will contain Arkansas, as BAMA’s actually inferior 2014 unit did. They are not nearly as strong in the front seven as we are this year. We’ve been soft in coverage but the Hogs will not test us much through the air. They will want to grind. While with Mason completing 70% of his passes, he gives us more viable options.

And the more talented program will show them what a ground attack to rival theirs looks like when you get good wide receiver play. Look for Malcolm Mitchell to have a huge day.

Dawgs survive Little Rock and get a week off to litigate and scheme before the Cocktail Party. I don’t expect Gurley back before Auburn, if at all. That would be four games, with a surprisingly strong Kentucky squad sandwiched between our big rivals. This win is key.

While Arkansas pushed BAMA and A&M to the limit, GEORGIA has the players to win this game by double digits and will if the execution is there.