Top UGA Runners

Herschel (Warhol style)

After two injuries and a suspension in two years, suddenly Todd Gurley’s draft stock would greatly benefit from a shared-carries senior year in Athens.

#GURLEY has essentially played two seasons over three years and slipped from #1 runner on the NFL draft boards to a position of uncertainty. He only lost slight value by accepting payment for autographs while clearly knowing it was a violation. But now the label is “injury prone”, which is a legitimate GM fear, especially disconcerting when the player in question is a power running back.

He is fully insured, but the difference between a later round pick and a #5 overall is so many millions that I would not be that surprised if Todd gives it another run at GEORGIA. That said, it has been a forgone conclusion since August that this would be Gurley’s final campaign. He may bolt and take the huge paycut and hope for a second contract valuation boost but those are rare for his position. You want big money, get it guaranteed coming in because the shelf life is short for NFL backs.

Here are my top 10 UGA ball carriers:

1. Herschel Walker
2. Todd Gurley
3. Charlie Trippi
4. Frank Sinkwich
5. Knowshon Moreno
6. Rodney Hampton
7. Garrison Hearst
8. Lars Tate
9. Robert Edwards
10. Tim Worley

— Nick Chubb could end up as high as #2 before he leaves Georgia. He is too far down by comparison and we share the load too much for him to bypass Herschel. His 1,000 yard freshman season has been impressive.