Vagabond of the South

It’s basically an off week, and as I used to work every other week in Charleston and am nothing if not Southern, I decided a tangential rambling worked a week before we Wreck Tech. Thought about taking my first full day off today in a month, but I’m writing this instead.

Two-loss divisional champs Tech at GEORGIA is big in two Saturdays. GO DAWGS!!!

Two things I love about my ATL are its place as the epicenter of college football and the undeniable capital of the South. While I’m a Texan (Austin 1970) by birth and blood and spirit, I’m as Atlantan as eating a fried peach pie on Peachtree Street.

An urbanist culture writer by part trade, I live shrouded in the beauty of the second-oldest neighborhood in The City and roam the urban forest by train and foot and taxi, while chronicling her hidden gems and art scenes for magazines and newspapers, when I’m not knee deep in football. Sort of a mixture of what you may envision a real New Yorker does and a Deep South college football freak.

I started UGA in 1990 and first moved to greater metro Atlanta in 1976 on America’s 200th birthday. But I have also been a bit of a vagabond of the South. I worked in both Carolinas and Alabama and Florida. I lived part-time in Houston and the Great Smoky Mountains and full-time in Orlando.

I moved from Texas to South Carolina to Georgia to Louisana to Georgia to Florida to Georgia. I went to three elementary schools, all in Georgia, then a middle school in Georgia and three in Louisiana. Back in the great Peach State, I went to three high schools, one twice, as I returned to my home school for a semester before graduating about twenty-five years ago, after a stint at an awesome open campus institution.

I only ever attended one college and Athens has such a uniquely special place in my heart. I would move away, I always knew, but calling it Homecoming makes sense to me.

The MIZZOU hat. My dad took me to his new ranch in southern Missouri shortly before he passed, and I toured much of the state. Then, when I needed to get away this summer I spent some weeks working in the Ozarks, outside the Mark Twain Wilderness. I am writing a book partially set there. I will be taking online classes towards a master’s in media mgmt at the oldest journalism school in the Americas this spring, Mizzou. So, I picked up a gold Missouri hat and figured I’d give it a wear the Friday after Thanksgiving when the Tigers face the Arkansas Hogs, my father-in-law’s team of choice.

I will get to, though, only if Tennessee can win on Rocky Top Saturday, propelling (2nd place) UGA back to Atlanta for a chance to win the SEC.

I actually thought about going to UT during that sweet summer before 8th grade, after my parents split up. Reality set in and my mom moved away from those pretty mountains. Since, I’ve never come close to uttering this before: “Go Vols”…


We are recording the Thanksgiving episode of SOUTHERN SPORTS ROUNDUP this week, and I placed articles in the Winter and Spring Issues of Eide’ Magazine (Style & Culture of the South) if you’d like to try out some of my non-sports stuff. The Winter Issue hits newsstands December 1st and their website is:

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Say it with me: GO DAWGS!!!