SEC Lost

This once-promising SEC football season came to a thudding close for UGA on Black Friday. It will have been ten full years since UGA won an SEC title as of next year’s league title game. Do you expect GEORGIA to be there? Would you anticipate them winning if they make it?

There will be no book written about this year’s non-champ Georgia Bulldogs. Storylines: Coaches didn’t hammer it at Carolina when they had the chance, wish they had. Our Heisman frontrunner suspended. Dawgs don’t show up for Cocktail Party again; 50% of UGA’s modern era wins in J-Ville by (a Floridian) Murray. Team rallies, like they do most years. Falls short. No league title. Certainly no playoff.

No major bowl, even. Orlando here we come, maybe, if we have enough emotion left for a 9-win Tech team. Maybe we can play Nebraska…

Georgia fans (and coaches and players) were forced to watch Missouri play Arkansas in the stadium where we twice blew MIZZOU out: in their first ever SEC game and 34-0 this year. The Friday after Thanksgiving was reserved for the Battle for the Golden Boot, historically – LSU-Arkansas. But, looking for a new rivalry, the league permanently paired the Hogs with their Ozark boundary superiors.

Missouri straight outclassed Arkansas. We watched. We watched them win at Rocky Top first. We watched them whip the Aggies before that.

We did not handle our business and were made mere spectators again. Now we can watch the Egg Bowl and Iron Bowl and SEC championship and playoff and national championship all matter.

Does the Tech game even matter?

Sure. Just not nationally.