CHUBB Nation

With a first-year starter at QB and a slew of skilled athletes around him on offense, how much should and will all-world college runner Nick CHUBB get the ball. A heck of a lot.

Malcolm Mitchell and Justin Scott-Wesley healthy and starting for UGA again gives the Dawgs explodability in the passing game. Joystick, Michel, Marshall, Hicks, Blazevich, Rome, should all contribute this year.

But, Nick erased Gurley’s freshman year as second best (Herschel) career start ever for a runner at GEORGIA. What he did last year off the pine was Herschel-ian, especially late in the year when he totally went off. In his worst start of the year overall, versus Florida, he ran for a hundred yards in the first quarter. Look what he did against a then top running defense from Louisville in last year’s bowl game. The guy is amazing and a freak about training, nutrition, even yoga. He goes on training vacations, like Murray did his last couple years at UGA.