Homecoming Feeling

Homecoming Feeling

I love Georgia. Dawgs galloped big in a sunny Sunday affair, after the hurricane caused postponement from what I feared could be another bad Saturday night at Carolina. Can’t wait to head to Athens for Homecoming, and the UGA schedule shows three ultimately winnable games ahead, with us 4-2, that definitely gets us bowling, then there are the three traditional rivalry games, though none are true road games (Florida-JAX, Tech & AU in Athens). Going no worse than 2-1 in those game is the realistic expectation for first year head coach Kirby Smart and true freshman quarterback Jacob Eason, who is coming off by far the worst game of his career statistically.¬†Noon time kick for the sometimes scrappy but badly struggling Commodores.

That homecoming feeling first washed over me this year early the Saturday morning of the Georgia-Tennessee game, as I exited the MegaBus at the transit center and climbed the walkways through the Classic Center, to the sidewalks to the center of town. Classic City slowly awakening and The Grill for some feta fries and an egg biscuit. Bought a gift and a hat at The Clubhouse on College Avenue.

Big party day in ATHENS, GA, so I loaded up on food. After crossing through that hallowed arch, seeing the old building, the North Campus, Herty Field, the middle of campus, the stadium, the Tate Center (where I worked) and the hill back up, it was a first drink at Magnolias and then across the street to T-Stand, where I enjoyed a CBDX: Combo (beef/bean) Burrito Deluxe Extra Hot, my most staple of all college food items in the 1990s. With a beer, perhaps my second most staple college food or bev item…maybe pizza.

Bitter pill, the end of that one and we are two weeks removed as it hits Homecoming Week in Athens. It was great to get a road SEC win at Columbia on Sunday, perfect day in The A and had a couple buddies over. Chili and beer and wine and my new curve TV was epic as the great Nick Chubb burst into your living room. Sony Michel, and the one-two punch is healthy and playing together, wow. We can run.

Dawgs have scored 33, 26, 28, 14 (loss), 31 (loss), 28 this season, so we are getting right at four touchdowns a game almost every game, with our second highest and our lowest scoring outputs coming in grueling back-to-back SEC losses. I’m hoping Georgia is toughened from it.

Florida looks tough in Jacksonville. Auburn looks pretty tough in Athens right now too, but isn’t it great today just to be a fan of a winning football team with a historic tradition of major college football around here. God bless the South. 1785, y’all. Go Dawgs!!!

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