Why Georgia at Kentucky Really Matters

Why Georgia at Kentucky Really Matters

It matters more for them in their little opinions, because they are playing for what at Kentucky constitutes a special football season. That’s total crap to us because we are a football school.

This is actually huge for the GEORGIA football program!

Let’s forget for a long second here about the football coach with the best winning percentage in University of Georgia history (Mark Richt) and focus instead on the coach much more similar in demeanor to our current coach. His former player, Kirby Smart, has comported himself similarly to his head football college coach, Jim Donnan, which should be no big surprise to anyone who has watched players mature into coaches over the years. They tend to take after their coaches.

Sure, Kirby Smart coached under iron glove defensive mastermind Nick Saban where he was shielded from anything but some of the defense decisions, and he was the running backs coach under fired UGA coach Mark Richt, in Richt’s last SEC title season way back in 2005. But actual coaches of players most significantly influence those players when they mature into head football coaches.

We are essentially all the way back to the “Donnan of New Era” era with a 4-4 record, folks. Coach D was brash and unpolished and finished his first season 5-6. He replaced the legendarily inept Ray Goff who was right around .500 every single painful year late in his career, after one good year where we won the Citrus Bowl in Orlando.

We aren’t quite back to Goff level just total garbage yet, I hope. Jim Donnan actually had one total big year too, his second year. Heck, he even beat Spurrier at Florida with Kirby Smart as a key defensive back…although they blew the then-predicted SEC title in a high-scoring UGA choke when old rival Auburn came to town soon after.

The thing is, Donnan always beat these type of teams; he won these type of games. Give him an Ole Miss having a good season this time of year. Give him an upstart Kentucky sniffing a bowl, and he found a way for Georgia to win the football game, more usually than not in a close win. (Richt usually did too, but…)

What I’m saying here is at 4-4 with the worst four types of losses imaginable (without Tech + Aubie totally killing us), for a talented program which averaged ten wins over the past five years and went 10-3, 10-3 the last two and sits at a dreadful 4-4, Kirby needs this win to stay approximately on par with his old coach. It may get worse.

Kentucky has one more win in football this year than the University of Georgia Bulldogs. If you have any heart, at all at all, you will find a way to win this football game, Dawgs. Is lil Big Blue really better than you?

I’d like to see us win this football game on the road (where Kirby has done the best at 2-1) and be a game above .500 entering Georgia-Auburn week. So many crazy things have happened in that series.

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