Back Quarter

A quarter of a football season remains, essentially. You get two more noon home games and one is garbage and then a full month off before a mid-tier at best bowl game. So exciting…it gives us another reason to play better next year and beyond, for sure. Keep the season and the entertainment alive. When they implemented these permanent twelfth regular season games, the idea was that it would breed better competition out of conference regularly. While we do see way more big inter-conference games these days, like our second biggest win of this year, UNC vs UGA, what we generally get mostly instead is just more cupcakes for the SEC. Nobody likes these games. They should be limited to one per season, Greg McGarity, and whenever at all possible should at least be a game of some local regional interest, like say Georgia versus Georgia Southern or Georgia State or even Kennesaw State. I say we set up a semipermanent rotation with those three and then bring in one more distant team. Southern Miss or UAB would be much more appropriate than these Louisiana schools.

You didn’t need a preview of FCS (sidebar: there has been no 1-AA for years, Paul Finebaum, just yesterday this “expert” said “1-AA” twice) Nicholls State, and you don’t need anyone to break down the Ragin’ Cajuns for you. They play in the Sun Belt and aspire to reach the New Orleans Bowl, played at the site of the sUGAr Bowl in their best seasons. This is not their best seasons, either. They are 4-5. So we are a game-and-a-half better in record (at 6-4).

We just won a (second) big game. Glory to Ol’ Georgia!

Far sidebar: I graduated high school in Marietta in 1989 and took a gap year before attending the University of Georgia from 1990-1993 and then again from 1996-1998, an as-is-average-amongst-graduates full five academic years period of schooling at the nation’s oldest state chartered public university. I lived and worked in Athens through the end of calendar year 1994 after traveling California early that fall and went to the rest of the games on my old roommate Jeff Wallace’s student tickets, in place of his girlfriend who was disinterested. I even caught a game in person the year I lived down in Orlando, Florida (1995), seeing Steve Spurrier’s eventual national champion Gators score 50 Between the Hedges. That game was certainly no UGA poster child for moving the series back on campus. After an Atlanta Olympic summer, I was back in Athens and at all the games, usually with my brother Johnny who was by then a sophomore (on the four year Honors plan). I’m reckoning that amongst the 300,000 living University of Georgia alumni, I saw nearly as much football as any from the time I enrolled until I graduated. Some good football, sure, but lots of mediocre teams that hoped for say the Peach Bowl at best after losing lots of games.

Farther sidebar: I was born in Texas and first moved to Georgia in 1976 on America’s 200th birthday. I’ve been blessed to always live in the beautiful South and first moved back to the Peach State in 1985, after grade school years here. In between, I lived in Louisiana. Southwest Louisiana (now called Louisiana-Lafayette or just “Louisiana” but LSU so prefers they don’t say that that they legally blocked a complete name shortening) was where I looked to potentially play basketball, as the leading scorer on my 7th grade team in Big Lake. We moved around the Sportsman’s Paradise (way too much, Dad!), and I lived in the town of Northwestern State University (Natchitoches) as the lone starting wideout for the city’s only 8th grade team. I was next shipped into Jonesboro from rural Louisiana to play 9th grade football, registering Dad’s office as our home. We toured Louisiana Tech as a team full of talented kids, where I again contemplated going down south to be a Ragin’ Cajun. The real culture of the state is the southland. My life went a different direction, but I’ve always been a bit of a Cajuns fan.

Possible/Realistic Bowl Slots This Season for GEORGIA:

Shreveport, LA _ Independence Bowl (vs. ACC)

Nashville, TN_Music City (vs. Big 10 or ACC)

Charlotte, NC_Belk Bowl (vs. ACC)

Memphis, TN_Liberty Bowl (vs. Big 12)

Birmingham, AL_Birmingham Bowl (vs. American)

Jacksonville, FL_Taxslayer Bowl (vs. Big 10 or ACC)

Houston, TX_Texas Bowl (vs. Big 12) {often SEC West

Outback Bowl in Tampa — Looks out of reach

Citrus Bowl in Orlando — Out of reach

Sugar Bowl in New Orleans — I wish…

“You talking about Playoff?” Peach Bowl (in ATL, for BAMA)

-I’m hoping for a GEORGIA-Miami matchup, and I think Nashville would be a pretty fun place to eat and drink this winter.

Big rivalry game next week in Athens! Go Dawgs!!!


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_I will again be covering all SEC bowls this year for multiple media outlets, as I have for the past four seasons. #HanVance