Eason Not Comparing Favorably at UGA

A true frosh quarterback DJ Shockley came off the bench to win the game versus Clemson in Athens while I witnessed from the front row of the winning end zone of Sanford Stadium, after our great redshirt frosh starting quarterback David Greene and company blew a big halftime lead in Athens. Reminiscent now to me how old Greyson Lambert took first and last snaps in getting the final Kickoff Classic win in the Georgia Dome, but our young boy from Washington state Jacob Eason really won the game for Georgia with his nice 2nd half play. Lambert replaced Hutson Mason, who replaced Aaron Murray, who finished with every major offensive statistic in SEC history at his most important of positions. And David Greene finished with the most wins in college football history, so obviously Jacob Eason is not to-date tracking to achieve like those much less-heraled recruits, who developed into such incredible college football players.

My fellow Lassiter High (Marietta, GA) alum Hutson Mason started one season, and he had one statistically very clean and good year, winning 10 games (as a fifth-year senior) and losing three. Mentioning those other two together previously, Shockley and Lambert, because they appear to me to be tied for second on the least career losses of any starting quarterbacks to play for the University of Georgia (while starting at least one season) list.

John Lastinger went 11-1 in 1982 at UGA, building an 11-0 mark with sub .500 passing behind Herschel in his Heisman year, before dropping their final game to Penn State. Earlier, Charley Trippi only dropped a few way back when, too, through a stellar, segmented by WWII career, playing more of a hybrid run-heavy QB role in Georgia’s “Dream Backfield.” They won it all in 1942 with a loss, and then after the War, he came back and took us to an unblemished season in ’46 — your friends at Notre Dame got the votes for the crown. But first returning in 1945 he dropped two games, so he has a third career loss. Shockley was not healthy enough for the loss in Jacksonville (quarterbacked by JT III) and lost only two games as a starter, both razor close heartbreakers. And, believe it or not Greyson Lambert had only two losses. Recall the final wound in J-Ville under Richt, as Lambert averted a potential L there; though we honestly may have won the game if he started, as his strong winning percentage dictates such trend-wise. Given little respect as a player, he went 11-2.

Jacob Eason is 7-5 as a starter, y’all, so he’s an edging of Nicholls State from being .500. While he favors well with a raw Matthew Stafford, who was thrust into the spotlight when JT III couldn’t get it done, Eason’s first year as a starter was hardly an Eric Zeier-like big stats showing. In retrospect, perhaps we should have played our loss avoider longer or more in 2017. While I give Eason his due in that he earned the starting job so quickly, which I heard him (cockily) discuss in his plans to do back when he was just a junior in high school.

Our offensive coordinator oversaw Drew Brees, amongst other less notable and much less successful scenarios. Eason looking like a bonafide future NFL star to any of you in the Dawg Nation? He basically isn’t that widely respected around the league after a year of seeing him on the field, and he’s even slipped down the pecking order of most professional analysts on sophomore QBs in his deep SEC class. While Eason’s arm talent is evident and at the top-tier in college.

I like the guy. Sure, I saw his high school footage and drooled, and I liked the way he played early against Florida and wish-it-were-too-late against Tennessee. But, he has a whole lot to prove as a college player.