Han by Andy Lee

The 5 Days of Football, by Han Vance

Personal Essay by Han Vance:
Off, the NFL, for a week only American college football rules the national airwaves and broadcasts wide. A full business week’s length, Thursday-to-Monday start to America’s biggest sporting season. Football, y’all. Autumnal Athens for us, the Classic City experience starts Friday evening for me and my crew this year, staying Boulevard Historic District. My lovely UGA alumna wife Jami and daughter and chief photog Michael Santini will be with me.

First, during after…FOOTBALL!

Georgia State hosting Kennesaw State, at the former Turner Field. I could literally go on-and-on for hours with semi-entertaining party stories related to that place and its Chophouse bar. Going Downtown with my UGA Alum brother/banker Johnny Vance who got his MBA at KSU, and maybe some other family, the more the merrier. I like both schools and am seeing both play live for the first time.

And, mid-majors UCF at UCONN, story: Back when I was a semiprofessional college football gambler, I noticed UCONN trying to move up into the Big East and easily crushing inferior smaller programs’ teams in bully-ball run-the-scores-up fashion. They were usually covering the whole game’s spread by the end of the 1st quarter. They didn’t fare so well in any type of other bets fortunately, which kept their mismatch lines low. It worked for years. Example: they were beating Army 20-0 at quarter break, favored by 18. My whole crew of friends, in our grown-up and previously-teenage “frat” off Blackwell Road in Marietta, GA. Got us paid, and the joke was I was going to name my boat “the UCONN.” UCF off an undefeated season, which was one of the program’s few but not only strong campaigns. I lived in O-Town with my UGA girlfriend Tiff, in 1995, and thought of transferring there before I came back home, to Ol’ Georgia.

Wisconsin, Stanford play separately, while I’m visiting the eating & drinking establishments of Athens, GA. Wisconsin has a nice power running offense, and I love what they do “On the Farm” – Stanford is fully mighty at usage of tight ends and myriad packages. They’re often visibly much smarter than their opponents, in terms of players and coaches. We’re driving up after work.

#BLVD #ATH #DowntownAthens #Athens, GA

It’s Saturday…In Athens! Tate Center, UGA Bookstore, Face’s tailgate (Hotel Indigo parking lot), T-Stand, Merv’s tailgate (back of Old College on North Campus), the Chapel Bell, the Garden Club, 50-yard-line #3 Georgia vs. Austin Peay (3:30 p.m.) and 316.

While defending National Champion #1 BAMA gets Louisville in Orlando, West Va plays UT in Charlotte, it’s Aubie Udub in ATL (Georgia-Auburn’s Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry in Athens in 2018).

Mark Richt and Miami match LSU in Jerry’s World Arlington, TX, home of my favorite professional team. Great to get in a big college game on a Sunday, watching TV from the couch, then office. (Georgia visits the Bayou Bengals this season, too.)

More football, as FSU opens post-Jimbo versus a VaTech mystique which may peak post-Beamer Ball under Justin Fuente.

…So, I’ll be well into my next workweek when I’m done watching college football. And it will be gameweek, Georgia going at South Carolina, the season blooming, after the Friday pep rally-like Border Bash in Augusta. Gotta have that pep.

(Feature Image by: Andy Lee)