How the Best Fanbase in Sports Wins the Day

How the Best Fanbase in Sports Wins the Day

Han Vance on Georgia football: The University of Georgia finally made it nationally, under the direction of athletic director Greg McGarity.

Timing is everything.

Has McGarity made mistakes? We all have, but by scheduling Notre Dame last year at the right time, as they again became a truly dominant national brand, and by hiring a football coach who inherited 10-win talent and could simply win that lone game against the odds, playing a true freshman in his first career start, this has happened. We are America!

The other angle being the Rose Bowl.

College Football Playoff and its four-teams, two-games, non-plural essence in its primitive nubile state, I hate it probably more than anybody who never went to UCF. Okay, three games. Still…

It is a broken system that does not work for all, like it could.

It worked for #5 Georgia today, in a big as America way.

By having that exposure of playing so far out of the South, to the whole of America, which always looks to its most populated state for the bulk of its televised entertainment, and by being the coolest fans, the Dawgs suddenly became something they have never been.

Not since Herschel has Georgia football been so national in any capacity, and the technology and media (traditional, social, etc.) was not in place back then to really blow things up huge, the way it just boomed.

Nolan Smith  LB 6-3 235 Savannah, Ga. (GA-) 1
Ryland Goede TE 6-6 240 Kennesaw, Ga. 2
Warren McClendon OL 6-4 320 Brunswick, Ga. 3
Xavier Truss OL 6-7 330 Warwick, RI (Out-) 1
Travon Walker DL 6-5 290 Thomaston, Ga. 4
Dominick Blaylock WR 6-1 195 Marietta, Ga. 5
Zion Logue DL 6-5 295 Lebanon, Tenn. 2
William Norton DL 6-6 265 Memphis, Tenn. 3
Tymon Mitchell DL 6-3 315 Nashville, Tenn. 4
Kenny McIntosh RB 6-1 210 Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 5
D.J. Daniel DB 6-1 185 Griffin, Ga. 6
Jermaine Johnson LB 6-5 240 Eden Prairie, Minn. 6
Clay Webb OL 6-3 290 Oxford, Ala. 7
Makiya Tongue WR 6-2 210 Baton Rouge, La. 8
Rian Davis LB 6-2 230 Apopka, Fla. 9
Lewis Cine DB 6-1 185 Cedar Hill, Tex. 10
Tramel Walthour DL 6-3 280 Hinesville, Ga. 7
Trezman Marshall LB 6-1 230 Homerville, Ga. 8
Dwan Mathis QB 6-6 205 Belleville, Mich. 11
Nakobe Dean LB 6-0 220 Horn Lake, Miss. 12 

Georgia inked a dozen dudes from out of state today. Taking only eight in-state in such a strong state illustrates my point. It was the fans, man.

The kids who signed today saw Georgia’s takeover of Notre Dame stadium on television and a 20-19 win their coach falsely classified as a tie on TV recently. You got your butt beat at home by a team coming off a five-loss campaign and starting a true freshman passer, in his first start. That’s what I would have told the AP Coach of the Year.

Our coach got zero first-, second- or third-place votes by the AP for Coach of the Year, according to the AJC (Atlanta’s only real paper). Why? Because he botched the biggest game in Atlanta with an unnecessary and ill-timed fake punt and then did not fess up and say HE blew it.

But within this calendar year, he and his guys silenced a loud as hell Heisman Trophy winner who had played his best half of football. It was for the world to see, on the huge stage in the Granddaddy of them all. I was there. It was a home game for Georgia, basically. Fans, man. 

Today, the greatest fanbase has turned the tide – sorry, y’all. THIS is the true beginning of Georgia’s era of dominance. We will win it all in 2019. Because of the world’s best fan support. This is unprecedented at a Southern school in such a strong football state. Glory to Ol’ Georgia!

You can keep soccer. We are the world’s top supporter group. Unite!

Alabama was once a part of the great empire of Georgia. It will happen, again. And it will happen because of fan support. The whole country is Georgia’s new domain. Time to prove it on the fields of dreams. 

Quavo! Rodrigo! Yo!

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