Lightning in a Bottle

Lightning in a Bottle

The coordinator positions at the University of Georgia are big league.

Jim Chaney departs for Rocky Top after a rocky three years with the fanbase and it seemed a tough time taking criticism. He fits the Tennessee mold perfectly and will be a dangerous pairing with former Georgia defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt, with A.D. Phil Fulmer behind them.

Look quickly at the high-profile defensive coordinators that UGA has had recently: Todd Grantham (lots of high-profile teams’ D’s led), led Georgia’s in Coach Richt’s last push toward the ultimate glory; Jeremy Pruitt; Mel Tucker, off to Colorado.

Swift is a bonafide Heisman Trophy contender. Fromm has matured to a level that he could be one of the all-time college greats, and I feel should be calling his own plays for the next two seasons, while looking his guys in the eye on the field. This was common back in the day, with many of the great QB leaders in college history with sharp minds calling their plays, Steve Spurrier, Joe Montana, Fran “The Mad Scrambler” Tarkenton, Jim McMahon. Fromm appears to me ready to take this next step in all categories doing an excellent job as a leader of the Georgia Bulldogs.

That would mean co-coordinators on offense, too maybe, with James Coley currently the co-offensive coordinator already under Jim Chaney, get him another raise this year. Then, I would go Sam Pittman co-offensive coordinator, get him a big raise, and let the three of them game plan. Kirby could clearly use some help in situational game management from a high lieutenant in the coaching staff who is not having to call plays for either the offense or the defense; he’s shown an immaturity-in-role in that category’s execution to-date. With bad endings to 2018 and 2017 and a bad year in 2016, Georgia is ripe for a breakthrough, and replacing both coordinators.

The defense will be matured, but seriously folks don’t diminish the greatness of legacy of Roquan Smith and Deandre Baker at Georgia. Roquan, a would-be outgoing senior who was way too polished to stay in school his final year of eligibility, was the first Georgia player to win the Butkus as the nation’s best linebacker and has been clearly missed. Players like Roquan come around all so once in a program-span and you shouldn’t be expecting them to or saying of their replacements, that they are anywhere near as good as him, on the field. Unless a linebacker is up for best linebacker in country, best defender in the country, than they are simply not in the conversation with Roq – the Human Missile was missed. He’s up there in Georgia lore with Pollack.

Baker didn’t give up a touchdown pass for two years and stayed and made the most of his career opportunity by continuing to matriculate at UGA. He is the Jim Thorpe award winner, first ever at UGA, for the best defensive back in the country. He can take away half a field or the other team’s primary receiver and is more physical and defensively crafty than expected by prognosticators who missed on this Georgia Man, as a kid, coming out of Miami. Lots of south Florida talent pipelines up through Athens to the NFL.

The running backs being in such great shape after losing a talented thousand-yard rusher early to the NFL is a key tenant of why this is such a great gig. I challenged could-he-be a great back at Georgia, and Elijah answered my opinion /question in a resounding yes. Half of SWOLYFIELD gone to the league, another probably a year from declaring early, too.

But we still have Swift. The savior at Georgia, always a running back.

ZEU$ is coming. I repeat, Zamir White, said tell them ZEU$ is coming…

But, healthy 100% right now also, James Cook, the speedster little brother of FSU’s great Cook, he has jets like his big brother but is more of an elusive scatback, great in space and on quick-pass routes. Awesome when paired opposite fastest-big TE Charlie Woerner, with Nauta gone to the league.

And, then I SWERRIEN that Brian Herrien was the MVP for Georgia in the (formerly-called) sUGAr Bowl, in a poor showing motivationally, which is top down. That can’t happen again.

Brian said it then did it. He’s ripe for more playing time, and has been around since scoring a touchdown on his first carry, in Kirby Smart’s first game as a head coach, an ATL-beatdown of the 2nd-oldest public school, UNC, in which Nick Chubb returned from a catastrophic injury at Tennessee – hot as a (beatable) Georgia rival now with all the kissing cousins coaching carousel crap. The relationship(s), coaching-wise now, between UT and UGA has quite suddenly surpassed the ol’ much-discussed coaching ties between Georgia and her sister school, Auburn University.

Herrien will get touches. And, Georgia will most-assuredly throw to their running backs and tight end more in 2019, with less multiple tight end max protection packages. Won’t need them in as much the way our O-line can play. Get more guys in space for Fromm, give him better security blanket safety valves to dump off and get yards. Throwing to receivers too much can be folly, when you have running like Georgia.

Georgia will love the ball and score points, after near the top in school history in this Jim Chaney’s final of three seasons leading the offense.

The receiving core will be unproven but chocked with talent in JJ, and the young bucks trying to make an impact. Look for former 5-star and first team freshman all-American at Cal, Demetrius Robertson, to lead the way. JJ simply can’t have drops like he did in NOLA and be our primary.

The Great Wall of Georgia has been built now. We block at GEORGIA these days! That will be the strength of the program with a young talented deep rotation finally gaining some on-field and in-program experience and coaching. Thank you, Sam. Sam Pittman must coach at Georgia!

Mel Tucker and Kirby have those boys tuned up, I mean, what great jobs.

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