Year 3 of Fromm Era: Fromminator for Governor

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Spring 2019
Han Vance on Georgia football: I.
Third year is often a charm, national trend-wise, in terms of production for top college quarterbacks who have started since their freshman seasons. And, that micro-trend has played out at the University of Georgia itself, too, in the personage of Eric Zeier and Matthew Stafford, NFLers who started in games as true freshman and all-time stats and win beasts, Aaron Murray and David Greene, respectfully and respectively, who got it going as redshirt frosh.

More so than even my close following of the longer storyline of Kirby Smart as a head football coach, which started a season prior with his Greyson Lambert to Jacob Eason coaching mistake, when Lambert was 11-2 as a starter, at Georgia I’m longtime all-in on Eason’s replacement Jake Fromm.

The perceived quarterback controversy of last season was at all times a media and fan created entity. It was a non-story.

With #1 overall recruit Georgian Justin Fields dusted on the practice and game fields by Mr. Fromm, as was #1 overall recruit and possible first overall NFL draft pick in two drafts, Washingtonian Jacob Eason, it’s been Fromm’s team since he was given his first snap. Fields will start for Ohio State, Eason for Washington. Don’t be at all surprised to see either or both of those programs back in the College Football Playoff opposite Fromminator and friends.

Though, my CFP picks are: 1. Clemson, 2. Bama, 3. Oklahoma, 4. Georgia. I picked Clemson to repeat but would love it to be UGA.

Fromminator for Governor. Here’s a guy to believe in, a man of unwavering fiber and character to lead our talented boys to the ultimate glories. He has already crested at the penultimate glory stage in his first campaign, seen his heart ripped out in overtime by a defensive bust and uber-conservative (which eventually gets you beat if you are suddenly going into OTs every game) settling for of field goals, surviving that long only after Bama missed a short, late kick. That he won the SEC before that and got that off his checklist as a true frosh bodes extremely well for his legacy at UGA. The money Rose Bowl was gravy.

Putting up back-to-back 11-1 regular season campaigns and projected for a third such, there was no sophomore slump. Fromm threw more without the sheer ball dominance by departed-senior legends Nick Chubb and Sony Michel, the all-time leading rushing duo in NCAA history. This is Fromm’s team.

II. CANINES vs CATHOLICS (get the T-shirts here or at online store: – $34 gray with full-color quality silkscreen print, 100% cotton, standard fit). Jake’s first start was a first star moment, really, as a captain of the Bulldogs. He threw few passes but he guided to a 20-19 win, the Ol’ Flagship of Georgia, who saw her unmatched fanbase do a friendly takeover of Chicago, to a lesser extent Indianapolis as well, and then Notre Dame’s home stadium, under the watchful gaze of Touchdown Jesus and the nation. A star is born. ND visits Athens in 2019! Go Dawgs!!!

Recall, Kirby was just 8-5 lifetime as a head coach when he inserted Jake Fromm into a game – which Georgia won en route to a 13-2 season – only due to an Eason injury. The kid never looked back.

Year 3, baby!

Of those legendary Georgia quarterbacks: Georgian, Zeier had the SEC yardage mark; Georgian, Greene the all-time NCAA wins mark; Texan, Stafford went #1 overall to the NFL. Murray, a Tampa kid, had every major SEC offensive record. Each had exactly one campaign where their team was near national championship level, Zeier as a true sophomore, Greene as a redshirt sophomore, Stafford his final year in Athens as a true junior, Murray as a fourth-year junior.

In what truly saddens me, of the four only Greene won the SEC, at all, and he only once, way back in 2002, when his classmate David Pollack was (overall and) defensive SEC Player of the Year.

Fromm was a true freshman SEC champion and NCAA runner-up. And there are those that feel – I’m not one of them – that Georgia, with the then-youngest team in the SEC, was real close to winning a national championship last year. Though nothing I saw all season suggests to me they would have been a problematic matchup for 15-0 Clemson, who blew SEC champion Alabama out.

Georgia can become like a Clemson, now.

Our time has come. Stay on board. Fromm has two years to get it done.

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