Georgia Looking Strong at SEC Media Days

Georgia Looking Strong at SEC Media Days

Han Vance on Georgia football: Go Dawgs! Kirby Smart is slated to speak TUE approximately 10-10:30 a.m. Georgia is 32-10 under Kirby Smart. Sure, only one-and-one in the CFP (College Football Playoff), one recent SEC title. Back-to-back SEC East champs with clean sweeps of the SEC East division, Jake Fromm (23-5) has never lost to an East foe.

Swift (1,000-yarder) is pleasantly the returning rusher and point-of-nervousness returning receiver (just under 300 yards). Fromm will throw catchable balls, but who will haul them in, Georgia only 8th in the SEC in passing offense last year. Georgia was the top running school in the SEC the last two years of the three-year tenure of Jim Chaney calling plays. He’s off to Tennessee…

Where I’ll be.

Announcement: I’m heading up to Rocky Top with Merv for a travel report this season, after having a nice stop there on our way up to Georgia at Kentucky last year. The year prior I reported similarly from and on Pasadena and LA for the Bulldogs-Sooners Rose Bowl, being best known as the book writer of travel memoir Golden State Misadventures. Hung out with Merv and Trav on Venice Beach, stayed with my dude Mike Tom. The year prior, I talked Memphis town with Hilley around the Georgia-TCU Liberty Bowl, that’s where we met Merv and Trav and them. That was after going to Oxford that season, with the Byrnes and Prather folks and sleeping in an Ole Miss-themed room, after a visit to Faulkner’s Rowan Oak. Interestingly enough, I found out my great great grandfather Vance was Mayor of Oxford, before he was either a Boomer or a Sooner and moved out to Oklahoma to grab land.

His son, my grandpa Vance moving to Texas where he met my Texan grandmother who was from Corpus Christi. That same grandfather’s school, Texas A&M comes to my Athens late and Dawgs get Notre Dame early. I’ll have my CANINES vs CATHOLICS (trademark) T-shirts on deck (or get them at: Maybe Canines vs Cadets, too.

The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party looks epic, with Georgia-Florida top five and top ten, respectively. May go down there with Bug. Thanks for reading BIG HAIRY BLAWG in 2019!

Gonna be a big year for Georgia. My new sports talk show every Friday night 7-8p is coming soon, and be on the lookout for my SEC Preview. Please subscribe to: Georgia Sports Talk on YouTube.

Media Daze: Trio of talent on hand to talk, in Hoover: Fromm, Reed, Thomas. Georgia and Coach Smart will be talking first Tuesday (in the two-team 9a-1p slot, first of two slots of the day).

Andrew Thomas leads what looks to be the best offensive line in the nation. Sam Pittman stayed, as O-line guru, after Chaney left, which was beyond vital to the unlimited success potential of this year’s team. James Coley will be calling the plays for the red and black for the first time.

Stellar, proven defensive coordinator Mel Tucker is now the head coach of the Colorado Buffs. With Smart in Athens the expectations on that side of the ball are always through the roof, and a clear key is Reed’s experience and in-game smarts in defense of big plays. Georgia gave up the fewest in the nation in 2018 but must replace the best defensive back in the country (Baker).

Fromminator for Governor.

SEC Media Days is under a slight rebrand or new sub-branding to 2019 SEC Kickoff. 2020 SEC Kickoff will be back in my hometown of Atlanta, where the league’s talking heads gathered successfully last year, after years-and-years in Hoover, an in-town suburb of Birmingham. 2021 Kickoff will be in Music City Nashville…where Georgia will be for the opener this season.