Han Vance on Georgia football: Thank you for reading BHB. Double up like Greg McGarity on the cupcakes. Two teams that you could not name the nicknames of travel to the Classic City to close out the long, hot Georgian summer, fabled in books of olde for its relentless sun.

Shiny happy people at the tailgate sing the alma mater up the steps, yet under the shade tree. Presidential Garden. Rear of and adjacent to Old College. THE birthplace of American public higher education.

1785, forever! WE are older than the state.

Look at that Top 10: 1. The so-called blonde Jesus, 2. Bama, 3. Georgia, 4. LSU, 5. Oklahoma, 6. Ohio State, 7. Notre Dame, 8. Auburn, 9. Florida, 10. Michigan.

The national slate, not just the SEC, has featured and continues to feature bucketfuls of garbage. Why can’t the world’s greatest sport start stronger and stay strong and finish with a legit national championship, where no conference champion of the Power 5 fails to have a shot at it – finish it on the field, not in a bureaucratic conference room…y’all?

I digress like Jim Chaney trying to digest a free pork sandwich on Rocky Top. aaaight!

Of SEC schools, only Tennessee, Florida, Georgia have won the SEC East then SEC.

Of SEC schools, only Alabama, LSU, Auburn have won the SEC West then SEC.

Only Georgia of the six lacks a modern (first BCS or later) national championship.

Hello, to the due. Hi to the greatest fanbase, the most-deserving fanbase. The Chicago Cubs won, I saw the American version of Fever Pitch and the Boston Red Sox won it all, the…

The only Power 5 with four non-conference games, the SEC features 5-of-10 right now.

And, Ol’ Georgia has had and has a distinct advantage over the other four this year. In the last two football seasons, Georgia led the SEC in rushing. And, this year Georgia has the best blocking and running football team in the whole country.

A power running football team always has a distinct advantage over ANY passing football team. You can control the clock. You can wear the other side down. You can grind out possessions. You can get guys open off play-action passes. You can win if you stick to your guns and hammer the rock. Run it down throats.

Auburn has no identity right now and has lost at least four games every year for a half-decade. Alabama is a passing team. You saw what happened to them when it didn’t work (44-16). Florida likes to fling it. And, LSU is suddenly not only a passing team, but a passing team with conversely the worst DB play in the SEC. DB pew just got shredded in a shootout in Austin they pulled out against a team that, like LSU, won 10 or more for the first time in a half-decade last year.

sUGAr Bowl, sure, that was last season, when Kirby failed to get the guys ready to play on 1/1/2019.

Now, Georgia has the secondary and defensive back coaching to physical receivers up, in man or zone. And, Georgia is – always has been when at its best – THE running football team of the SEC. The league itself known for rushing the ball to championships, it is time to smash mouth these fools…almost.

Heralded Notre Dame visits Athens first (on 9/21). See y’all on North Campus this Saturday.

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