4-1 runs have bookended 1-4 stretch

Over the past fifteen football games played by the University of Georgia, the Dawgs have won only nine and lost six, a fireable record for the head coach. With the win over Idaho State, UGA has gone 4-1 over five games, after an unfathomably awful 1-4 start. UGA also finished last season on a 4-1 run, culminating with a remarkable win over ACC champion Georgia Tech in Atlanta and an unremarkable bowl win in Shreveport.

What led to this poor 15-game mark? Simply put: a 1-4 record to start to this season due primarily to the absence of stud wideout AJ Green. With our lone proven downfield weapon suspended for four games for selling a jersey and Aaron Murray starting at quarterback as a redshirt freshman, defenses loaded the box and mostly stoned our offense. The coaches did not trust Murray early to throw deep often, and he was inexperienced and clearly somewhat nervous in the pocket. Meanwhile, the anticipated strong running game suffered from a lack of depth due to injuries and bonehead suspensions. Plus poor play-calling, soft blocking and untimely fumbles cost us winnable games. We gave away the Arkansas and Colorado games and also performed inadequately on offense at Mississippi State and South Carolina.

If 4-1 could have twice been 5-0, I would not have had to watch Kentucky fans celebrate in Athens during football season for the first time in my life last season. And UGA would still be competing for an SEC title this season. If trophies were given out for 6-2 starts, South Carolina would have a case full. They have no heart as a frontrunner and, as I predicted, the winner of the Georgia-Florida game is now in position to win the SEC East. That team is the Florida Gators, whom upset us in overtime coming off a bye week and three-game skid. 10-0 Auburn is up next.