A Month Away...

A Month Away…

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Han Vance on American college football: Here we sit, again. Much better one year later, friends. We will have our only remaining truly American game: college football – this season, surely. Last year here we had nothing but doubt about now, doubt and contention and misinformation/disinformation. It was actually way worse than almost all expected.

I didn’t set foot in a stadium, still haven’t.

College football was invented in New Jersey, as was baseball. But while the Yankees have continued on in hardball, the sport of harder young men has moved South. Atlanta is epicenter, and the college-level, semiprofessional now in many ways, game is the second most popular sport in the greatest nation in the world. Only the much newer and far less passionately played professional game is nationally bigger. College has heart.

Sure the NBA, sure pro baseball have huge followings, and sure March Madness is the single best and brightest crowning tournament, but college football sits directly behind the NFL. And, in the South college matters much more. I actually feel sorry for big NFL-only fans – and I used to be one – how much fun cool culture they miss out on. College is cool.

Princeton and Rutgers played with 25 on each side, you couldn’t run with the ball. It was basically like rugby. In 1906, the forward pass was finally made legal.

Backing it on up way way back to…1785. The birthplace of American public higher education was in Athens at the University of Georgia. Yale folks traveling South thought it up, state schools, as concept. UGA was also the first place where [college] football was played in the South, at Herty Field on North Campus. College is transcendent.

The first game in Atlanta was played later that winter at Piedmont Park. February 20, 1892 was the dawning of what I recently coined RIVALRY DAY. It was the first game of the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry: Auburn and Georgia. Used to be a close series, but in the last 15 contests, Georgia has won 12, and in the last five years AU won 10 games just once. Georgia has averaged 10 wins plus a year for 20 years, in contrast.

Another olde football rivalry is Georgia and Clemson. Georgia owns Clemson. The teams have played 64 times, the Dawgs winning 42. The series sits at 42-18-4, with the teams meeting 42 times in Georgia (Athens; Augusta) and 22 times in the Palmetto State. The first neutral state game will be played in Charlotte on the night of September 4th. Georgia and Clemson will play: in The ATL in 2024, at Clemson in 2029 and in Athens in 2030 and 2032. And so on…

Clemson won seven of the first 10 meetings. From 1920-1954, UGA won 10 straight.

Clemson changed from Clemson College to Clemson University only in 1967, so when you talk about the difference between the oldest public university and Clemson, in history, there is no comparison. GEORGIA handily rules there.

Clemson has won two national championships in the last five seasons. Georgia won it all in 1980, Clemson in 1981.

In the last 15 meetings since, Georgia is 9-5-1.

Since 1990, Georgia is 6-1 versus Clemson, the only loss a wild 38-35 shootout that came down to an onside kick. The last meeting was 45-21 Dawgs, Between the Hedges.

The schools are a scant 70 miles apart, a few miles closer than UGA is to Tech. They are, that means, our nearest geographic rival. All College Report will be on the scene for Episode 2: Superfans, Big Games. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! We will be selling the full season, but you can watch it for free on YouTube as we create it.