Han Vance on Georgia football: CANINES battling CATHOLICS in Classic City.

Let’s play less obvious advantage/disadvantage for this top 10 tilt, as Georgia finally faces a team of any note a full month into the American college football season. The cupcakes consumed and lil opener Vandy 0-2 after getting crushed by Purdue, Georgia is wholly untested with a lot to prove after going 0-2 in its last two games versus ranked football teams.

That the daily weather forecast is a full ten degrees below what it has been is disadvantage Georgia, and the game being played at 8 p.m. instead of in the sheer searing heat and humidity of Deep South daytime immensely benefits the Fighting Irish. It could have been 100.

You may say that it will be that much louder at night, but the decibel trackers have factually shown big 3:30 p.m. kickoff Georgia home games are just as loud, when the Bulldogs play well. Face it, Sanford Stadium is not a loud stadium when Georgia struggles; the in-stadium fanbase is simply not unwavering enough in their roar. If Georgia gets down by double-digits, which clearly could happen when facing a team ranked #7 in the country, it won’t be as loud as some other places in sports would be in support.

It’s a much-hyped home game, though, with a stadium full of our fans living in the moment. Huge advantage Georgia! BTW, when will Ol’ Georgia face a truly hostile crowd for the first time this season, with a home team having a good enough year to have a legit chance to win? Not until week 10 at Auburn.

Notre Dame had a bye week already – practicing for this game – with veteran head coach Brian Kelly noted for his strategic game preparation abilities throughout his long career. They fully righted the ship and looked good last week versus New Mexico. Kelly is the current reigning AP Coach of the Year, having twice won the top award. He has won big games with oddsmakers similarly against him when he has had time to prepare, recent example being a bowl win over LSU. That bye was a hidden advantage here.

If y’all want shirts now, you have to see me in Athens. Once it was too late to mail shirts out and they definitely arrive prior to kickoff all across America, we quit offering them online because it was the right thing to do. After the game ends, we will again offer them at with standard shipping delays. I will be around starting Thursday night at The World Famous for (8:30) dinner.

ATHENS LEGACY PARTY _ It’s official: The 4th Annual ATHENS LEGACY PARTY will be hours before kickoff and on through the game at ‘That Bar’ in downtown Athens, Ga., on Nov. 9th (Mizzou). We looked at the Carolina game but pushing it back to November was better. Yes, there will be an official ATHENS LEGACY shirt, as well. What does it mean? It means you left your mark in the Classic City.

(“Cin City n dude” by Han Vance)