All About The 3 (#BEAST)

#GURLEY because # 3 is an absolute beast, y’all. He put on 12 #s in the offseason, 4 pounds of muscle 3 times. BEAST, I say, BEAST. After gaining over 1,300 yards last season. His first. His third? Forget about it. He wins GEORGIA’s 3rd Heisman in year 3 and bolts 3rd level: high school ain’t college but he was ready in game one last year, and college ain’t no NFL, but he will be ready. He’d be one of the 3 most physical running backs in the NFL today. His first 3 touches at UGA: he had a 100 yard touchdown kickoff return and two positive runs ~ one a second touchdown. He had only 12 touches at Clemson and set a career high on a lost night on the Piedmont. Much like ourselves on Gameday – DAWG-Nation, GET UP!!! – Beasts hunger for chicken, deep South, fried, smothered and covered yard bird…and this is our field of dreams and house.

We haven’t lost where the “G” graces that hallowed green grass, in that drained river valley, between the hedges, since the cuckle-headed chicken people last pulled out a miracle win two years ago, when our program was at the end of a deep dark funk. This ain’t no dark age nor touchdown Jesus. This is old time smash mouth POWER FOOTBALL. Run the ball down their chicken necks. They are not and will never be on our level. They’ve NEVER won the SEC; we are GEORGIA.

This our team. Our time. This is our year. Cheer and play with desperation. Create GLORY!

Murray shall hand off. That’s my game plan for game two, Richt and Bobo, how ’bout you? The last SEC title for our 3rd coach “A.D.” (After Dooley) was won by a great number 3 named Shockley. Richt needs a 3rd ring this year. Murray had no shot against the CAM$ of the world his redshirt freshman year. He gets the SEC ring in his 3rd legit-chance campaign, after reaching the SEC championship game a 3rd straight time. He gets there by handing off to number 3. It’s simple.