All College Report Heads to Athens

All College Report Heads to Athens

The fun new culture + sporting travel series hosted by Han Vance (Tweet to: @ACRhost) is heading to Athens, Ga., to film an episode called: Classic Athens.

On the Preseason Pilot [search: All College Report, on YouTube . com ~ click: SUBSCRIBE] the audience sees what many fans do when they are waiting for the college football season to begin, talking trash to other teams’ fans, strolling the bars and restaurants of The ATL and recreating on the Atlanta BeltLine, plus traveling to the 30A area of Florida, along the Emerald Coast. This is go-do-it DIY punk rock-ish show “filmmaking” – definitely not polished television.


On Ep2 “Superfans, Big Games” – dropping the THU after Georgia-South Carolina – some of the early proto technical issues get resolved and the show is auto-hosted by myriad college fans, instead of HAN per se, as he travels to the Queen City of Charlotte for the resumption of the old Georgia-Clemson series, as well as takes the train to see Ole Miss and Louisville at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, in Atlanta.

Ep3 ~ Classic Athens

Ep4 ~ Flyin’ to Texas

Ep5 ~ Around the Deep South

Ep6 ~ Cocktail Confluence