"All College Report" (new show)

“All College Report” (new show)

On G-Day weekend, we will be filming my new show: ALL COLLEGE REPORT.

All College Report focuses on all of college football and men’s college basketball, with a special emphasis on the winningest programs at each of the two, by far, biggest collegiate sports.

In addition to general insightful studio sports talk on these sports from the New Historic Druid Hills Studios in Atlanta, All College Report will show host and writer Han Vance’s deep immersion cultural investigation of “college forever” lifestyles, with feature primary travel segments set in college towns and cities which host major college sporting events, throughout America.

This will transcend sports: What makes college towns so inherently and unendingly cool? Who are the characters of these towns creating American culture? What is a superfan and how do they live such fun lives and go so hard? What makes top sports programs go? What is the future of these two powerful sports, college sports in general and its sporting life?

You’ll find out on ALL COLLEGE REPORT!

Han Vance in ATL

Han Vance in ATL

~Host/Writer/Creator: Han Vance
~Executive Producer/Editor/Filmed by: Josh, of JSM Productions* [*subscribe on YouTube]

The pilot (Episode 1) and Episode 5 will be set in the Classic City of Athens, Ga., with episodes 2 & 3 in Atlanta, the World Capital of College Football. For Episode 4, we will be in Charlotte, as the Queen City of the South hosts the biggest regular season college football game of the year: Georgia vs. Clemson.

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