An O-Line Offensive

Will Friend at it again in the Classic City. He has squeezed the most from our limited offensive line talent the past few seasons and has helped the UGA offense sent record production marks two years consecutively.

And, he recruited our new D coordinator to Athens. Oh so rarely does a national championship winning coach defect in a lateral position, but that is exactly what happened in the FSU talent transfer to Georgia. Thanks, ‘Noles. Thank you college roommates and your lasting legacy of connected awareness. Think about it: you know your college roommates still, if you are like many of us, and they know you. If your college roommate worked in the same field as you, in this case coaching, you would definitely network. They did and that brought us our new DC, a three-time consecutive national champion as an assistant coach and the coordinator who won it all in his first year on the Panhandle. Think of how many tries Coach Bowden, and for that matter, then-offensive coordinator Mark Richt needed to bring a crystal trophy to FSU. They were not even conference favorites last year, by the way.

We are O-line deep for the first time in many seasons in Athens with a strong rotation. We have the running backs to mask any offensive line weaknesses and give them confidence. Any 300 pound kid in the country would want to block for Gurley this potential Heisman campaign.

Our O-line has been a weak point talent-wise over recent seasons, with the best blockers in the SEC drafted high into the NFL, while the vast majority of our top O-line talent is not even invited to the combine. Theus was supposed to be that transcendental talent and he is yet to pass protect or move his feet well enough to justify his high school All-American grade. He needs to improve or again he will be moved to the strong side or the bench. The blindside is not for the weak of heart or slow of foot, and game one brings a huge test in a Clemson NCAA All-American DE. Fortunately, much of the other notable Clemson talent left for the NFL.

Fortunate also for UGA, we will get to see what we have in pass protection right away. Because the next game, after a bye, is a road contest in Columbia, SC, where we must win in QB Mason’s first SEC road contest. We will need strong blocking and Gurley at full tilt.