another moral victory for chickens


Columbia rocks

Almost, almost, almost

You boast


Near ’bout always beat you

You crow every year early

Until you get served see

Watch out for us Chickens

We may be a darkhorse in the East

My brain, it sickens

More like the least

Vandy more dandy two years in a row

Sliding, shifting, touchdown and you KNOW

The only thing tougher than your D in that game

Was our D, you are lame

Same ol’ same, same ol’ game

I’d kick Spurrier in the balls

But have a great fall, y’all

You’re 0-2 in the SEC East

We are the Beast

Won 10 straight games

Now what’s my name?

HanDAWG – the greatest football poet of all-time

And USC and Carolina don’t even rhyme


Lame Rebuttal: 16-12