Bad Halves: Georgia Bulldogs’ Struggles

Bad Halves: Georgia Bulldogs’ Struggles

Han Vance on Georgia football: Here defining a bad half of football as any in which you are either outscored by a lesser opponent or fail to score at least 10 points – which is a pace to reach a paltry 20 total for a game – GEORGIA has had a bad half in every game this season.

The SEC regular season reaches halfway, off the bye, as UGA travels to the Bluegrass for a meeting that should leave the #5 Bulldogs 4-1.

The team has yet to produce a bonafide offensive star or play a complete game at a pace near excellence, yet remains a national title contender – with no further margin for error. Win out or fail. That’s reality.

Alabama, who Georgia could face in the SECCG, is on clear pace to win the SEC West, having whipped Georgia and West #2 Texas A&M soundly. Georgia can claim a clean path to the SECCG by beating Florida in Jacksonville. That would give Florida a second loss and they are, with just two wins on the season, the only other legit contender in the East.

Beat Bama in ATL, I still expect the Tide to make the CFP, so there could be a round three. With Clemson and Ohio State looking like near locks, and Notre Dame and Oklahoma State also on possible CFP paths.

The clear 1-2-3 of Clemson, Bama and Ohio State haven’t yet had the struggles UGA has had, with the exception of Georgia leading a favored Bama in Tuscaloosa at the half (and 4:04 of the 3rd). Each could go undefeated by winning the games they are favored to win.

Georgia scored zero in the 2nd half versus a Tide defense which has struggled. Georgia was trailing currently unranked teams Tennessee and Arkansas at halftime.

Lost in the glory of a big rivalry win, Georgia scored only six points in the 2nd half over a currently unranked Auburn.

None of these opponents is mighty at all except Alabama, and Georgia lost that game 41-24.

Playing a bad half of football every single week and then limping into a bye off a buttkicking is simply not championship caliber football. Unable to keep pace, my analysis.

So hearing Coach Smart say “Stetson’s our quarterback,” when he just came off an 18-40 game and threw three picks against the only CFP-quality competition he has faced is not creating much confidence in UGA reaching ultimate goals this year…or ever.

Kirby Smart has again fielded an offense content to score in the 20s and hope to snuff the other team to a lower mark. It doesn’t work in college football at the highest levels.