Basketball Twos

There is no comparable SEC number two to the Big Blue. Georgia is heavily favored to beat Kentucky in football Saturday at noon to win the SEC East; UGA is rarely favored against Kentucky in basketball. The Hoop Hounds are playing without their best two players from last season: Travis Leslie and Trey Thompkins left school early and were both drafted by the Clippers. There won’t be an NBA season. That’s about as should-have-stayed as it can get for draftees. If I had to pick a two in SEC basketball history, I’d take Bama (currently ranked #15). Vandy (#20) is number two of SEC East programs over the course of conference history, but since the divisions were split the definite overall SEC two has been the dreaded Florida Gators (#8). Heck, they once won two national championships in a row. The two future SEC entrants are also ranked: Texas A&M (#18) and Mizzou (#25). Georgia is not so great in the second biggest college sport, though we are 2-0 after beating Wofford and Bowling Green, two program names that don’t ring many bells. This could easily have been year two of Georgia regularly in the NCAA Tournament, but not with two NBA defections.