Been Here Before

Been Here Before

For the fourth consecutive season, the University of Georgia now has the odds on Heisman frontrunner. The last three times did not work out too well: 1. Todd Gurley got rolled up on in a close home win over LSU, featuring Murray over Mettenberger (campaign over); 2. Gurley got suspended after a big homecoming victory over Vandy, which was my daughter’s first UGA game (campaign over); 3. Nick Chubb was hurt badly early at Rocky Top, Tennessee barely breaking a five-game Georgia series streak after Reggie Davis dropped probably the prettiest pass of Greyson Lambert’s life. Stay healthy and Nick may just win it.

Speaking of Lambert, he may leave GEORGIA as one of the starting QBs with the least losses ever (minimum of ten starts). He is now 11-2 as a starter. The great Sinkwich started at UGA as QB but switched to tailback once Trippi came in. Trippi also played both quarterback and tailback, losing just one game in 1942, two games in 1945 and no games in 1946; WWII segmenting his stellar career at UGA. Buck Belue had those huge years, not so much the winning career. Lastinger came on after Buck, suffering one loss after a perfect regular season, then a loss and a tie the next year. Zeier was the SEC’s all-time passer, but he lost a ton of games. Greene was college football’s all-time wins leader. Quite a few losses in that era, too. One year starter DJ Shockley lost just two games as a starting QB, though like Lambert they did drop one while he was there but did not play. Lambert could not only lay claim to least losses, he outright owns the single game all-college completion percentage record from last year’s South Carolina massacre. Pretty good bragging rights for an oft-maligned leader.

Frontrunner status has not boded well for the Dawgs, y’all. That was the kiss of death under Mark Richt, for sure. We never survived that. Vegas has UGA favored in the rest of our football games right now. Can we withstand this small bit of success and live up to the hype?

After one win, UGA is ninth in both polls and the highest-rated SEC team besides #1 ranked Bama. The league slugged a 7-7 mark on the biggest opening weekend in college history. Bring on the cupcakes.

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