Being Greyson Lambert

You had no pass protection nor running game. You graduated. You moved home. You were third string.

See, we all go through major trials and tribulations in this life, and many of us come to an important crossroads on occasion and are forced to reevaluate and decide.

11. 13. ~ That’s the stat line that worries me about my quarterback as I embark upon a new season of GEORGIA BULLDOGS football coverage. Me, I’m fresh off a highly-successful book publicity tour for my California travel narrative memoir ( and shifting gears into something we all clearly understand: “DAWGS!”

And, the reins are handed to a man with just 11 touchdowns to all of 13 interceptions. The nation’s oldest state chartered public university, my alma mater, is coming off a season in which its completion (high) and interception (low) water marks were set by a steady guy from my high school alma mater.

Mason had chosen UGA and was just too raw to start right away. There was a lone year my dude Joe Cox held the helm, sandwiched between an #1 overall NFL pick Matt Stafford (a Texan-Dawg like me) and Aaron Murray – THE undebatable greatest stat passer in SEC history and the guy (a Floridian) who took it to the Gators. Mason matriculated and in the end he had to wait Murray out for a full-length college career. Then he got one top ten year in the Classic City, a near-great-but-just-good glimpse at true greatness and utter despair wrapped in ten pretty wins and some bad losses.

Can you get blown out by Florida, choke at Carolina, end a winning streak to Tech (in Athens!) in a game you had won and still have a good year? Can you be second fiddle again to a MIZZOU team you crushed on the road? Can you see the clear chinks in the Tide and still get no rematch? Can you stomach it?

Can you replace the best running back in the country with the best running back in the country and see the new guy threaten to become the greatest runner in school history, when that historic guy is considered the greatest college football player in the history of the world? Can you coach to win with integrity and win pretty big for 15 years and be routinely called incomplete? Can you switch out coordinating coaches annually and still compete? At the highest level? Can you go a decade between conference crowns and still be relevant nationally? Can you? Can you put it all together, win it all?