BHB Weekly Rundown

BHB Weekly Rundown

Han Vance on Georgia football: Y’all, that was close.

Little too close for my comfort in that I’m never relaxed in any Georgia game unless the Dawgs are up by 15 or more, as strict policy. I used to, like, never ever relax during games. Then I realized, I should relax some of the time. Even though I’m always analyzing every single play in any possible way I can, and heck yeah I do at times imbibe – though that’s not at all ever necessary for me – and I re-watch all Georgia games.

I usually watch each game three or more times. Even a blowout. I’m watching micro stuff. That’s how into it I am. That’s how I learn so much about it, by watching and coming to my own conclusions. I don’t need Kirby/Richt/Donnan/Goff/Dooley to spin it.

I’ve been to a couple hundred Georgia games in person, too. Grew up playing.

When you win 10-3, there is no relax. No way!!! More on that later…

For those who may not have heard yet, I’m hosting a fun new web series and TV show called All College Report now. It’s about culture and sporting travel. If you’ve ever watched any of that deceased now food and culture guy Anthony Bourdain, it’s a bit like Bourdain goes to the tailgate and the game, but he [meaning me] parties down instead of just eating and I actually talk more live and unscripted on camera, while he voiceover narrates [way too much]. It’s about people and place and lifestyle. Episode One (Preseason Pilot ~ The ATL + Emerald Coast) is out now, and for Ep2 I went to Charlotte. It was a large time. Ep3 is going to be called “Classic Athens,” because we did a beta test episode zero in Athens which was just a raw starting point, without any tailgating. You have to have tailgating on campus in the Classic City!

What you do to watch is go to YouTube at and search there: All College Report. Watch. Like. Subscribe. To subscribe you’ll need to register with YouTube, which takes like a minute and is very basic and simple. Hope you enjoy that. I really appreciate your support.

BLAWGin’ is fun and this is year 15 of BIG HAIRY BLAWG. It’s taking so much of my time doing the TV-style show as host/writer/creator and one of the two show team leaders that I have not had as much time to talk football as I like. I mean love! I love to talk Georgia football. So, I’m going to start today putting out this here BHB Weekly Rundown every single Friday.

Now, I may blog much more than that, at times, but you can know you’ll get a rundown every Friday morning. Thanks for reading me!

I’m also doing Big Hairy Vlog now – the visual and audible equivalent to BIG HAIRY BLAWG, which I share directly via various social media and always have up on the Facebook page called: Big Hairy Blawg. People are liking it.

I have a Facebook group called Watch: Big Hairy Vlog too, where y’all can join and catch up. And I also just started a separate YouTube called: Big Hairy Vlog. Same deal as what I said before about All College Report, as far as watching that on YouTube. Same way. It’s all Georgia football banter.

I’ve put out BIG HAIRY BLAWG without selling annoying ads for 15 years now, and was once ranked as the second fastest-growing blog in the world by WordPress. If you want to support me, SUBSCRIBE to All College Report. I’m taking that show to the top!

Georgia had the lowest scoring output, offensively (both meanings of the word), since a shutout in the Goff era. One field goal and Kirby dared to still utter the word “explosive” after. The fans – who only care about winning at the end of the day – started making excuses. There is no excuse. I hear Kirby saying “WE” but I never hear him saying I, as in “I need to fix this crap. I as head coach cost us.”

Clemson has a great defense they said. Ohio State shredded that defense – same kids – last year. That was without our top wideouts they said. So, run for scores. Manufacture points. Somehow. No more excuses! Say our interceptor – who made one big play and was SEC Defensive Player of the Week, when it should have gone to any member of the front seven, probably Jordan Davis (who earned it by only one awarding body) got tackled. And, their interceptor ran into the end zone. And, they, maybe made a long field goal. The narrative would be, what it should be, the Georgia offensive coaches did not get it done.

Is Monken even the right guy for the job, because he did not look like it in the Peach Bowl or against Bama or Florida???

We know James Coley was the wrong hire/promote, when Kirby could have promoted excellent Sam Pittman instead. I know Kirby knows how to build a defense to stop, usually, offenses. Does he know enough about offense itself, though, to take Georgia to the SECCG and win it and the CFP and win it?

That is still To Be Determined. Justin Fields would say no. Jacob Eason would say no. I bet Jake Fromm would say no, because he would have benefitted professionally from coming back another year, and he bolted to the Buffalo bench instead. 2017 was a long time ago, folks. And it was a coaching choke. …UAB ain’t BAMA.

Saturday night was the first time Kirby has upset any favored team since 2017. There is more to winning than defense and recruiting. It’s about excellence in EVERY facet of the game.

For two years I asked, “Does Defense Still Win Championships” and heard with my eyes NO.

For 40 years I asked, is this the year…