Georgia-Florida Week

It’s bye week in Athens. Hugs and pats on the back for beating both SEC Tennessee schools and both SEC Mississippi schools and surviving a half football season tied for first place in the SEC East and still mostly in one piece.

But as of Saturday morning, it’s Florida Week! Mark Richt has fared well against every school in the SEC except Florida. He has fared well against all major UGA rivals (Tech-Auburn-Tennessee-S. Carolina) except Florida. David Greene was, at the time he completed his eligibility, the single winningest quarterback in college football history, after starting four full years. Yet, Greene beat Florida only once. Then Moreno/Stafford beat Florida once – the big dance game. The next year, they were completely blown out. The year after that, UGA was blown out again. Last year went to overtime, same result. Not a single other win over Florida has occurred under the ten-year tutelage of Mark Richt, which has included two SEC championships, three SEC East championships, three BCS games, a #2 national finish, a #3 national finish.

Well before this season started 0-2, there was already one “Must-Win” for Coach Mark Richt and the Georgia Bulldogs.