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Big Hairy Vlog

BIG HAIRY VLOG – now on my new YouTube channel called: Han Vance

In Studio

Big Hairy Vlog (sports talk show) is the informal all-Georgia-only visual and audible counterpart to BIG HAIRY BLAWG, recorded live from the New Historic Druid Hills Studios in Atlanta, Ga, USA.

Hey Georgia fans, friends, alums, my in-house producer/photog/artist LVictory and I began direct-sharing Big Hairy Vlog very late last season via social media and were immediately getting 1,000+ views per day. These are archived, with new sports talk shows now available, at my new YouTube channel, called “Han Vance” – please SUBSCRIBE. It’s free. Thank you so much!

There’s a two-parter up on UGA Spring Football (Episode 7 and Episode 8).

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